Rest at the Best | Top Truck Stops in America
Rest at the Best | Top Truck Stops in America -

Rest at the Best | Top Truck Stops in America

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We get it. Truck stops don’t really have the best reputations. With so many people passing through each day it can be pretty difficult to maintain them. However, there are quite a few truck stops in America that go above and beyond this stereotype! If you know where to look, you can discover truck stops that have some of the nation’s best amenities. Continue reading for a complete list of the top truck stops in America!truck stops in america

Top Truck Stops in America

1. Iowa 80 (Walcott, Iowa)

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but that’s actually not true when it comes to truck stops. The largest truck stop in the world is located in Walcott, Iowa. You can find it while traveling on I-80 if you get off on exit 284. This massive truck stop has been run by the Moon family for over 50 years and has been remodeled 28 times!


This truck stop has many unique features. Some of its top amenities include a 300-seat restaurant, a 60-seat movie theatre, a trucker’s TV lounge, a dentist’s office, a barbershop, a chiropractor, a workout room, a laundromat, a Verizon store kiosk, and even a trucking museum! Iowa 80 also includes essential services like showers, gas islands, diesel lanes, a fuel center, a truck wash, a CAT Scale, and even a Dogomat Pet Wash to keep your canine co-drivers clean!

Whether you’re overdue for a dentist’s visit, need a haircut, in the mood for a movie, or have sudden back troubles, Iowa 80 has the solution!

2. South of the Border (Hamer, South Carolina)

“America’s Favorite Highway Oasis” takes second place on our list. Why you may ask? South of the Border has been a popular landmark in the southeast for almost 70 years! These days, it offers a reptile lagoon, fun rides, an arcade, and an observation tower featuring views of the South Carolina countryside from 200 feet above the ground. It even has a wedding chapel for those of you who are looking to get hitched on the road. If there’s one thing this truck stop has, it’s character!

3. Jubitz Truck Stop & Travel Center (Portland, Oregon)

The FOX Travel Channel named Jubitz Truck Stop the “World’s Classiest Truck Stop” in 2003. Wondering what makes this place so wild? Jubitz Truck Stop could’ve earned this title for several reasons. Not only does it have a 24-hour grill restaurant and a nightclub, but this truck stop also offers $5 films shown in an 80-seat theater! Jubitz also has a 24-hour arcade and a partnership with the Portlander Inn Hotel. Be sure to check out the inn’s special rates for CDL holders!

4. Little America (Flagstaff, Arizona)

If you’re hauling anywhere near Flagstaff, AZ, you should definitely explore Little America. It offers affordable driver rates at a luxurious hotel, a 24-hour convenience store, a vehicle service center, $10 private showers, scales, new and used parts, and the Little America Grill. Did I mention that it’s also pretty close to the Grand Canyon?

5. Whiskey Pete’s (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Whiskey Pete’s is definitely not your average truck stop. After all, how many other truck stops give you access to 40 slot machines? Even if you don’t have time to experience the sights and sounds of Las Vegas before hitting the road, you can still get a taste of it at Whiskey Pete’s. With amenities like private laundry facilities, a professional driver lounge with flat-screen televisions, fast-food chains, and free WiFi, it really is a must-go for truckers in the area. Located on the Nevada-California border, Whiskey Pete’s is a unique place to stop in for a fill-up. And who knows, maybe you’ll even win big!

Did we miss any of the top truck stops in America? Tell us about some more honorable mentions in the comments below!

Iowa 80
Walcott, Iowa
Iowa 80
Walcott, Iowa

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  1. Not by far on 2,3,4, or 5

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  2. You listed the Biggest (except for SOB which is just a tourist trap) .Mom and Pop truck stops are still the best .Too bad they are dying and being bought and regurgitated as Pilot/Flying J .Try the Tiger truckstop on I10 in Grosse Tete, La. for the finest Cajun food on the planet. For a more traditional fare stop at in.Elkton Tn.Exit 6 on I65 at the Shady Lwn Truckstop (The Big Chicken)

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Brian! Feel free to share more of your favorite truck stops on here.

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  3. Clearly not from a truckers perspective. Clearly you just googled truck stops and wrote an article.. Iowa80 is an easy addition and easily #1. South of the Border is perhaps a bottom 3 truck stop. The actual trick stop is a hole in the wall…super small, hardly anything in the store…a small coffee pot with burnt cofee if your lucky. Whiskey Petes is also run down.

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    • What are some of your favorite mom and pop truck stops that still exist? We’d love to update this blog to include more! Feel free to comment here or email me at [email protected] with your favorites 🙂

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  4. Really??? This have to be a joke right! Why isn’t grand island, Nebraska not on there??and your number 1 is only the biggest….not the best👎 so many more other 5star truck stops….meaning your red carpet as you will say lol

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    • Thanks for the suggestion! What are some of your favorite truck stops?

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  5. Russell’s truck stop in Endee New Mexico I think is one of the best. Great food, great people and a fantastic Car Museum.

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    • Thanks for the tip!

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