5 Easy Ways Truck Drivers Can Avoid Back Pain

5 Easy Ways Truck Drivers Can Avoid Back Pain
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We’re all used to having back pain as truck drivers unfortunately. Sore backs happen to us more than four times as much as they do to the average person. And ugh, believe me when I say, it’s no picnic. In fact, pain in the back is a HUGE pain in the butt. Sitting on our rear-ends all day makes our lower spines all sorts of out of whack. And, although it might not be 100% avoidable, there are a couple easy steps you can take to at least alleviate some of that ouchiness.

5 Ways to Avoid Back Pain as a Truck Driver

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1. Start the drive with style

You’d be surprised how just finding a nice way of sitting when you begin can positively affect the outcome of the entire journey. First off, don’t sit on your wallet or whatever else might be in those pockets. If you don’t have a seat pad that offers additional support you should consider investing in a memory foam, heated kind. If you feel like treating yourself, splurging on those fancy massage seat covers is a great purchase as a driver. If you don’t have a seat cover for comfort, you can roll up your towel or pillow behind your lower back for some support.

2. Frequently flail about

Sitting still is terrible on your back. Adjust yourself frequently. Try moving your seat slightly every 20 minutes or so.

3. Ice, ice baby

If you’re suffering from back pain, holding ice to the area for about 20 minutes can do a lot to numb sore tissues, decrease tissue damage, reduce swelling, and slow the nerve impulses. Pro tip: wrap the ice pack in a towel or shirt and do not directly put the ice to the area. Ice works well because the majority of back pain comes with inflammation. Try alternating your icing with heat therapy to combat back pain even more.

4. Get revitalized at rest stops

Exercise is a top notch way to combat back pain. At the very least, get out of the truck as often as you can to stretch and work the hamstrings. This should be done about two times a day, in fact.

5. Yoga

Here are a few basic positions you can take to help with back pain:

6 yoga positions for back pain



Exercises to Alleviate Back Pain

Neck and shoulder stretches: Stiff necks and stiff backs go hand and hand.

  • Flexion Stretches can be done while driving. All you need to do is gently bend the head forward while bringing the chin toward the chest until you can feel the stretch.

Back Stretches

  • Lay on your back, pull both your knees to your heart and flex your head forward at the same time (in a ball position.)

Hip and Gluteus Stretches: We sit on our butts all day behind the wheel. Our hips and backsides play a huge role in spine flexibility.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-length apart, take a small step back with your right foot, bend the left knee and shift weight on to your right hip. Then while keeping that right leg straight, bend forward more and reach down the right leg until a stretch in the outer hip is felt.

What are some ways you alleviate your back pain while you are on the road? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments below!

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