Wreaths Across America Gets Help From Truckers

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This week, the Wreaths Across America campaign delivered over a million wreaths to cemeteries honoring veterans. Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army General Daniel B. Allyn thanked the thousands of truckers that volunteered to make this year’s Wreaths Across America one of the most successful since it’s inception in 1992. As we honor this year’s veterans during the holiday season, it’s great to know that these volunteer truckers are helping to acknowledge those who gave their lives for our country.

Volunteers help for Wreaths Across America

Thousands of volunteers helped honor the fallen.

What is Wreaths Across America?

Conceived by the Morrill Worcester wreath company in Harrington, Maine, the owner was left with a surplus of holiday wreaths during the holiday season.  Recalling a boyhood trip to Arlington National Cemetery, Worcester donated to the cemetery 5,000 wreaths to honor the cemetery’s dead, with the help of volunteers and a local trucking company.

What was once a 5,000-wreath act of good will has now turned into a national phenomenon with over 1,000 cemeteries participating and over a million wreaths delivered this past week. From Pearl Harbor to Bunker Hill, to the 9/11 Memorial Site, Wreaths Across America has helped to recognize the 1.1 million U.S. soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for the country.

National ceremonies were held to celebrate Wreaths Across America and recognize our fallen heroes.

wreaths across america

This year’s Wreaths Across America had over a million wreaths laid.

Help From Truckers

More than 300 trucks were packed with wreaths coming from Harrington, Maine to be delivered to over 1,000 participating cemeteries. Carrying roughly 5,000 wreaths per truck, it takes 60 trucks to deliver enough wreaths for Arlington National Cemetery, and the drive from Maine to Virginia is considered the world’s largest veterans’ parade. Other truckers from across the country volunteered to deliver wreaths to other participating cemeteries and memorials. Many trucking companies are also choosing to donate money towards the cause.

Omnitracs announced the company’s continued participation in the national Wreaths Across America program. For the seventh consecutive year, Omnitracs has donated $25,000 for the purchase of 2,500 wreaths to be laid on the graves of our nation’s veterans. Total, Omnitracs has donated over $75,000 to the cause.

Veterans in Trucking

Trucking has actually become an ideal career for veterans. While it can be tough to adjust to normal life upon returning home, many veterans feel a sense of comfort behind the wheel. Many trucking companies view veterans as the ideal employee. With an emphasis on punctuality and attention to detail, the majority of veterans are equipped with the necessary skills to become a successful trucker and many companies will even pay for a veteran to go to trucking school and get their CDL license.In fact, many truckers who participated in this year’s Wreaths Across America were veterans themselves.

How You Can Help

As many deemed this year’s holiday a success, it’s still important to remember the many veterans who still remain alive today and struggle with everyday life. There are a variety of ways that you can help our homeless and/or struggling veterans this winter. Make sure to thank those that have served our country when you can and always try to give back to the community when you can this holiday season.

Author: Troy Diffenderfer

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