Why Veterans Make Good Truck Drivers
Why Veterans Make Good Truck Drivers - AllTruckJobs.com

Why Veterans Make Good Truck Drivers

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Imagine the open road stretched before you, your favorite song on the radio and fresh air blowing through the opened window of your vehicle. Driving can be therapeutic, and driving for a living is ideal for people with certain personality traits or lifestyle preferences. The trucking industry has various career options, from jobs for those who want to be home every evening to cross country driving opportunities. Plus, it can be a lucrative career. With that said, there are many reasons for becoming a truck driver. Veterans, however, have special skills and training that make them exceptionally successful in the trucking industry. AllTruckJobs reached out to some of the top names in the trucking industry to find out why veterans make good truck drivers. Check out the top five reasons why companies hire veterans. Also, be sure to check out our best trucking companies for veterans infographic!

Five Reasons Why Veterans Make Good Truck Drivers

  1. They’re dependable

The trucking industry needs reliable drivers who can ensure goods make it from point A to point B. Military veterans are trained and often notorious for being dependable and on-time. This knack for a structure is one of the reasons why veterans make good truck drivers.

  1. They’ve had intense training

Military veterans have had intense training, and they’re usually very alert to what’s happening around them. This situational awareness is a veteran skill set that will come in handy when driving a truck. On the road, you constantly have to pay attention to what’s happening around you, from other cars merging into your lane to road work signage.

  1. They’re leaders

Veterans are natural leaders, and in any career choice leadership is a skill that is invaluable. Although you may think of trucking as a solo position, there are opportunities for team driving or training new drivers where leadership skills can be critical.

  1. They know how to plan ahead

This goes hand in hand with being dependable and having military training experience, but veterans typically know how to plan ahead. Trucking requires a tight schedule that can often be overthrown by road work, traffic accidents and bad weather. Knowing how to think fast and plan ahead is another reason why veterans make good truck drivers.

  1. They know how to work together

The fifth and final reason that veterans make good truck drivers is in their team work skills. In the military, it’s vital to be able to work together to get through intense situations. In trucking, team work skills not only come in handy when you’re doing team driving or training someone, but in simply interacting with the other truckers on the road.

Three Steps to Take if You Want to be a Truck Driver: Veterans Welcome!

  1. Make sure you’re qualified

In order to become a truck driver, you have to get a commercial driver license. In order to do this, you have to meet certain requirements set by the federal government. Some of them include things such as you must be 21 to drive across state lines. Also, certain criminal felonies disqualify you from attaining your CDL.

  1. Get your CDL

Once you know you meet the requirements to get your CDL, now what? You have to attend a driving school and get certified. Sometimes you can find a trucking company that pays for training, or you can simply find a driving school and pay for it on your own. In some states, veterans are no longer required to get training in order to become a truck driver.

  1. Start the job search

Now that you’ve landed your CDL, it’s time to find a job! You can start by browsing niche job board websites to see what’s available, or by finding a trucking company that is notorious for hiring veterans. On AllTruckJobs, 20 percent of the companies listed have special military hiring programs! Start browsing the best trucking companies for veterans now.

Are you a veteran who is considering a career in trucking? Check out these trucking jobs that are available right now and apply today.

To all veterans… thank you for your service!

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