Underrated Truck Driving Career Advice to Avoid Bad Decisions

Underrated Truck Driving Career Advice to Avoid Bad Decisions
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Everyone has an opinion about truck driving and whether it’s a good or bad career, but ultimately, it’s your decision. Will you rely on uninformed opinions or do your research? Use this truck driving career advice to make a wise decision that’s best for you.

Top 6 pieces of truck driving career advice for smart drivers

Reflect on your why

If you’re planning to start or grow in your career as a truck driver, it’s important to consider why. It could be as simple as earning a good living or supporting a family, but maybe there’s more to it. Before getting lost in the weeds of the how and what, focus your approach by pausing to reflect on why you’re doing it.

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Be sure you know the basics.

Once you’ve got your why figured out, turn to how. You wouldn’t build a house without a foundation, and the same is true with a career. Start with the fundamentals:

Making sure you’re qualified and don’t encounter any clear deal-breakers could save you from wasting time thinking through the next pieces of truck driving career advice.

Evaluate your pros and cons.

Is truck driver a good career? Take a deeper look at the pros and cons of a trucking job to find out, including:

  • Is the independent work environment likely to make you feel free or lonely?
  • Is bigger money worth being away from home longer?
  • How important is a fast training process to make your next step quickly?

Your list custom to your needs will determine how you …

Compare companies.

Once you know why you’re taking the next step into a trucking career, how to do it and what you really want out of it, it’s time to explore who you might do it with — what is the best trucking company to work for?

AllTruckJobs offers one of the most comprehensive trucking company directories.

Once you find a few companies that interest you, be sure to explore trucking company reviews to see how they line up with your why, how, and what research.

Just make sure you also …

Look beyond the basics to evaluate the whole package.

Every trucking company puts its best foot forward. Maybe one offers the highest cents per mile, but can they guarantee enough miles to make it worth it? Read the fine print, ask the hard questions — look at the whole picture to make sure you’re making a truly informed decision.

You’ll want to consider total compensation, freight characteristics, realistic home time, equipment specs, company track record, and any other factors that fit on your pros and cons list.

Talk to real drivers.

Once you’ve done your homework, the best way to confirm or challenge your suspicions is to talk to truck drivers doing the work. Not sure about a certain company or career consideration? Find a couple of drivers who already work there and have been where you are.

Of course, their why pros and cons and preferences may differ from yours. So any truck driving career advice you consider needs to be filtered through your needs.

It’s ultimately your decision!

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Schneider has been a leader in the trucking industry since 1935, offering a wide variety of truck driving jobs throughout the country that allow you to pick your freight type, number of drivers, and driving style. Schneider offers a multitude of pay packages, benefit offerings, home time configurations, leading equipment, and military-specific benefits.

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