The Road to Riches: How to Earn Six Figures in Truck Driving

The Road to Riches: How to Earn Six Figures in Truck Driving
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The reason we work so hard as truck drivers is to drive home that serious scratch, the cheddar, the bones, you know…the dead presidents in our pockets—MONEY. But how much money are our long hours behind the wheel really paying? The answer isn’t always simple. I mean, salary depends really on where you’re working, how much experience you have, and which company you’re hauling for. A lot of us may recall seeing advertisements on TV showcasing the earning potential of $100,000 a year as a truck driver, but is this realistic, or just one of those old wives’ tales?

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Average Annual Truck Driver Income

So when all things are considered, the straight up average salary for truck drivers are $49,000 (as of March 18, 2014.) However, that doesn’t take into part drivers who might not work full-time or compare the differences between independent drivers and company drivers. In fact, the scale can generally range as low as $28,000 annual income all the way to as high as $68,000, according to

Hourly Truck Driver Wage

If you’re a seasoned driver, you have earning potential you can earn as much as .60 for mile, according to Negotiating rates that are based around mileage instead of hours can be a smart career move for drivers. With that in mind, a truck driver that has an average speed of 70 MPH can bring about $42 an hour. Unfortunately, unless you have been driving for a long time and have a great driving reputation, there’s not huge room for negotiation regarding pay expectations. You pretty much have to earn a lower rate until you are able to be experienced enough to “call the shots.” Plus, earning by mile might not always pay if there’s certain days where traffic or road conditions are unfavorable.

Average Salary of Trucking Types of Jobs

  • Class A: $49,000
  • CDL Driver: $37,000
  • Truck Driver Run OTR: $61,000
  • OTR CDL Truck Driver: $75,000
  • Dump Truck Driver: $23,000
  • CDL Truck Driver: $62,000
  • Tank Truck Driver: $23,000
  • Bulk Truck Driver: $21,000
  • Semi Truck Driver: $22,000
  • Tow Truck Driver: $23,000
  • Commercial Truck Driver: $24,000
  • Route Truck Driver: $22,000
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How to Bring Home 6 Figures as a Truck Driver

So you’ve entered trucking intending on earning as much as $100,000 each year—how do you do it? Well, typically, earning that much in the profession is pretty uncommon. In fact, it can take 10 years of experience to start earning about $60k annually. However, it’s likely that drivers retire before they are able to reach that sought-after 6 figure salary.

Someone once told me that there’s two ways to earn a lot of money. 1) You can do a job that no one else CAN do. Or; 2) You do a job no one else WANTS to do. So in the realm of truck driving, here’s a couple CRAZY ways you can earn over $100k annually:

  • Ice Road Trucking: Most of us have seen or at least heard of the TV show Ice Road Truckers. If you haven’t, it’s a show that profiles drivers that are brave and skilled enough to drive the extremely hazardous routes north of the Arctic Circle. Reportedly, a 3 month season can potentially have someone earning more than $120,000 a year.
  • Truck Driving in Iraq: If you didn’t mind risking possible kidnappings or terrorist attacks, driving trucks through this country to deliver food and supplies could bring home crazy amounts of moola.

But, if you’re not willing to put your butt on the line to bring to earn that cash, how does a truck driver expect to bring home anywhere between $100,000 and $150,000? Owner-operators bring home about this much. However, the costs of maintaining that rig can be so high that after everything gets put into account for that—-you pretty much can cut that earning potential in half. But…net-lease contracts with companies could help you with those costs such as gas.

So what’s the takeaway? Well, although it’s not just a fairytale that there are actually some drivers who can pull in a 6 figure salary, it’s probably not the most common occurrence. However, that doesn’t mean that truck driving isn’t an honest job with pretty good pay. When considering that there aren’t a whole lot of jobs that people can take without college degrees that pay like trucking, it’s still a decent livelihood.  The easiest way to move up financially? Put in your time. It pays to be experienced.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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  1. Drivers in warzones are typically not taxed on their income. So that 100k is more like $140k plus you have very little expenses living in the warzones. Hauling Hazardous waste in the U.S. can offer $85 to 110k jobs. But there’s a lot of training involved.

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    • How would one apply for the job to truck drive in war zones

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    • What type of training??

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    • I’ve been driving for 33 years and have made over 100,000 for the past 12 years its not hard but you need to work for a private fleet ie Air Liquide, Praix Air, Air Products, Dow Chemical, there are several private fleets looking for drivers and they pay well. I am working for a chemical company now we only have 7 drivers but pay $32 per hour 60 to 70 hours a week. not much off time but great pay

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      • How and where do you apply?

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  2. This confuses me my uncle drives and earns 15,000 a month for he does all year and we’ll that’s well above 140k

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    • That confusses me, what does he do for that kind of money? I drove more than 24 years never made near that kind of money. Is he hauling extreme heavy or something like that?

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    • what does he carry what company give us some detail

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      • If you have drove for 24 years and don’t make 100k u are not a good driver. It’s not hard ups,walmart, siai or any ltl for that matter learn the job or even specialized freight

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  3. I drove for two years before landing a job with a big box retailer. I’ve made 100k the last 5 years. Keep your record clean, those jobs are out there.

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    • Can you give me more information on your job?

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    • I may look into it. Which retailers or chain do you recommend?

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  4. @MARK 15,000 per Month ? What Exactly Does Your Uncle Do

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    • Drives for the Escobar drug cartel.

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  5. My husband started leasing from xpo logistic when he first started out which brought home 65,000 a year . Then when he owned his truck we put everything in storage . So we had no rent to pay , no car payment , no other bills besides our phone , and taking care of the truck . We haul in the southern states and now bring home 145 a year .

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    • How much where u guys paying for truck note insurance I’m much is the truck in all for lease an how Mony years did it take to pay off the truck

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  6. I hope to meet a serious trucker ready for a serious relationship
    Am sandy

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    • Sandy- gold digging huh? Lol

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  7. Depending on the freight company you can make good money working as a dock worker. I make $22/hr and put in about 43 hours a week. My pay hovers between $900-$950 a week.

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  8. $22 an hour is sh!t pay. May have been good in 1985, but its 2017…going into 2018. 52 weeks in a year $900-950 isnt even 50k dummy. The topic is 6 figures..100k or above. Not humping labor 85-90 hrs a week to make 100k.

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  9. Yes, of course, the salary of truck drivers depends on where they are working, how much experience they have, and which company they are hauling for. There are few portals like where you can earn up to $40- $50 per hour by driving a truck.

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  10. Ltl is where good money is made in need to stick with it to be able to have a good paying run miles is what makes money. I have made six figure for 9years been with same company for 28 years

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