Romance While on The Road: Maintaining Relationships

Romance While on The Road: Maintaining Relationships
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So, the two things you love may not always see eye to eye. Truck driving usually requires you to be on the road or away from home, and your lover, for long periods of time. On the other hand, your significant other might not be able to travel with you and is often left at home wallowing in your absence. Maintaining long distance relationships can be hard work and sometimes give you and your partner added stress that makes it worse. Luckily, here’s a compilation of some tricks to keep the fire burning in your relationship, while you’re burning other things (like gas) on the road!

  • Set appointments- Make sure you take the time to listen to your partner’s current struggles, especially if they concern you and the status of the current relationship. You can communicate over skype sessions, phone calls, or if you’re passing through and close enough meet up! Making an ‘appointment’ to see or talk to each other will give both parties something exciting to look forward to. These appointments can be made daily, weekly, or however long you can compromise while also assuring your deliveries are made on time!
  • Actually see each other- Maybe you aren’t too far from home, but you can’t necessarily take the time to stop at home to have a nice dinner or watch a movie with your loved one. If you know you’re route leads you nearby, let your partner know ahead of time so you can plan something out. Perhaps meet in the park, grab a quick lunch, or just exchange a couple hugs and kisses while on the side of the road. Keeping your relationship exciting can never get old!
  • Continue to share your common interests-Just because you can’t do things together physically doesn’t mean you should stop doing them. If you and your partner usually watch a weekly show together, or something of that nature, continue to do it! Watch from your truck while you’re off duty and share your thoughts when completed. The idea is to keep doing the things you do when you’re together, even when you’re apart! It’ll give you something to talk about and make you both feel more connected.
  • Surprise your partner- Do something unexpected, alter your route a little and pay your loved one a surprise visit, or send them a gift, postcard, or anything in the mail. Little touches that let them know you’re thinking of them can keep the relationship exciting, even if it’s something as mindless as sending a cute morning or nighttime text, reminding you partner that you miss him or her. Be creative and find what works for your relationship!
  • Enjoy your time together- If you know you’re about to be on the road for a long time, make sure the time you and your partner spend together is meaningful and intimate. You don’t want to leave with the impression that you actually wanted to. Plan a romantic dinner date or night full of adventures the day before you leave, it’ll help make your loved one feel appreciated. It is key to never leave home stressed, build a trust in each other and never leave in the middle of an argument or on a bad note.

All relationships can benefit from the skills (hopefully) developed by loving from a distance. However, with as much potential they have to benefit, they can fall apart. Sometimes, people just don’t know how to handle long distance relationships. It is crucial to understand and remember that long distance relationships require effort and nurturing. Stay on the right route with your relationship by following these easy reminders and it’s bound to benefit. Happy lovers are happy truckers!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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