Ready, Set, GOALS: Easy Goals Truck Drivers Should Set

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Put the key in the ignition and drive into completing all those secret inner-ambitions.

In a job like trucking we see tight deadlines, stressful situations and an excessively tiring line of work can make achieving goals feel nearly impossible. It’s easier to simply say “ain’t no body got time for that” than actually setting milestones for yourself so that you improve the quality of your life. Creating little benchmarks in your life can positively give you the formed habits that can be seen in the most highly successful individuals.

If your wheels aren’t moving, you should be.

We all know that truck drivers are notorious for being prone to serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Similarly office workers who spend at least 40+ hours a week sitting while working, drivers don’t get ample chances for exercise. (That’s why some people might say they have “secretary a$$es” from sitting all day.)

Drivers who aren’t local have to essentially live in their rig and don’t have the luxury of going home or to their local gym most of the time when they aren’t working. Also, it’s much harder to eat responsibly when you’re always driving on the road. To combat this sedentary struggle, drivers need to set goals so that they are as active as possible in between driving.

When your engine’s off, turn your body on. Getting physically active between your driving is essential for keeping yourself in decent shape. Even just doing some mild stretching or walks around the truck stop can help you shed pounds and help keep your metabolism in check.

Manage your time, manage your miles.

There’s a lot you can expect as a truck driver. And, unfortunately, a lot of it is unexpected. That’s why you need to be ready to handle those unexpected bumps in the road such as difficulty finding parking, inclement weather, mechanical issues, and traffic. Mentally prepare times for designated rests so that you are able to park early and avoid traffic, pre-plan your meals, and allot times for rest.

You also should consider downloading a traffic app to avoid jams and to keep yourself on schedule. Otherwise, you might end up with unwanted stress and inability to meet your mileage goals based on hour restrictions. You can set long-term and short-term mileage goals. For example, seasoned drivers may want to log 150,000 by the year’s end.

Cultivate those communication skills.

Even if you’re not a team driver, working on communication skills are key still in driving. Teamwork in itself is a great trait to maintain no matter what your field. Learning how to properly manage discussions between your manager, other drivers, and customers help you work more effectively and will help you in many personal aspects of your life.

Communication improvements don’t just solely apply to job-related interactions. Working on being an active listen and teaching oneself the importance of clearing expressing yourself is essential for leading a happy life. It can help you get in touch with loved ones as well when you may not be able to see them as much as you’d like.

Don’t settle when it comes to safety.

Having a spotless driving record is a major asset to your driving career. You can do a couple little things to make sure you’re driving with the most effective measures in place for safety. Firstly, you should pay extra attention during your pre-trip inspections so that your rig works well. You also should meticulously record your driving logs so that you’re not overworking yourself, getting to exhausted, or getting slammed with expensive penalties for breaking hours of service regulations.


Author: Hit The Road Jack

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