On The Road Essentials: A Trucker’s Packing List

On The Road Essentials: A Trucker’s Packing List
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Whether you are on a family vacation, road trip, or trucking assignment, we have all had that moment. That moment when you’re on the road, and suddenly you realize what you should have packed isn’t in your bag. No one wants to have that moment, especially not on your first run as a truck driver. However, you don’t want to overpack either. That’s why we’ve compiled this trucker’s packing list! Take a look at our on the road essentials packing guide. We’ve got you covered!

On the Road Essentials: What Clothing To Bring

You could have assignments that range from two to three weeks at a time. Before you go, take a look at your route and understand the climate you will be driving through. Having a better understanding of the average temps will greatly help your packing. However, whether you are heading to Washington or South Carolina there are still a few on the road essentials we always recommend bringing.

  1. Be Ready For The Rain

Even if you are heading to a typically sunny destination, there is always the possibility of foul weather. Make sure you are prepared by packing your rain gear. A rain jacket and rain pants will go a long way in the middle of a downpour.

  1. Bring Coveralls

Coveralls are a must when packing for your trucking assignment. Depending on where you are heading and the time of year, you can buy insulated or thin coveralls to protect your clothing when completing messier tasks.

  1. Layer Up

Even if you are heading to the sunny shores of Florida, it never hurts to pack some layers. You might be surprised how often you need to throw on a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt at night or if the air conditioner is cracked at a rest stop.

  1. Work Boots

Make sure you remember to pack durable work boots. Depending on what type of truck you drive, steel toe or insulated boots will be necessary.

  1. Off The Clock Clothing

Take advantage of where you will be heading! Going to the mountains of Colorado? Heading to the coast of California? Pack a few extra articles of clothing depending on where you’ll be. Don’t get caught in sunny California without a swimsuit or sunglasses!

On the Road Essentials: Other Miscellaneous Musts

On the Road Essentials

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  1. Car Cell Phone Charger

Don’t drain your phone battery! Most likely, you’ll be using your smartphone here and there for entertainment or to make calls. Make sure you bring a charger that works in your truck.

  1. Tool Box

While we hope you won’t have to reach for your toolbox too often, it is critical that you bring one. A toolbox is a must in the event of an emergency, or if you just want to make a small adjustment to your cab. Stay safe and consider bringing a flashlight, pocketknife, tire pressure gauge, wrench set, brake cleaner, work gloves, and some old rags.

  1. Bring Proper Documentation

When you’re on the road, the paperwork seems to surprisingly add up. Between licenses, registrations, insurance paperwork, shipping orders, and expense forms, things can get mixed up easily. When packing these documents try to bring separate folders or envelopes to keep everything neat and orderly.

  1. Bring Music, Tablet, or E-Reader

When you’re on the road your downtime will be limited. Make sure you take advantage of your little free time by remembering to pack your favorite devices. Find free Wi-fi at truck stops to download music, movies, or your favorite TV show.

Remember, while it’s important to bring all of your on the road essentials, storage space in a truck is slim. Remember to pack lightly and efficiently!

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Experienced drivers… What on the the road essentials do you bring? Share with us in the comments below!

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