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Mobile Chapel for Truckers | Faith and Freight

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Your free time as a trucker is absolutely precious. But as many of you know, it’s not always convenient to do certain activities during your downtime. This statement should definitely ring true for truckers of faith. As a truck driver, you aren’t always able to make it home for Sunday service with your family. You also have to consider that searching for a church, parking your rig, and carving out time in your day makes it hard to connect with other worshippers. So, what are your options as a Christian truck driver? You should look for a mobile chapel for truckers in your area!

mobile chapel for truckers

Transport for Christ

Transport for Christ (TFC) is a nondenominational nonprofit organization. This group has an active ministry of over 40 locations in the US and Canada. Transport for Christ also has additional locations in Russia, Zambia, Brazil, and Tanzania. The nonprofit was founded by the Canadian Rev. Jim Keys in 1951. Key’s mission was to help truck drivers strengthen their relationship with God and provide a space for them to congregate on the road. His first mobile chapel was commissioned in 1968 and the organization has been expanding ever since.

Mobile Chapel for Truckers: Domestic Options

Transport for Christ set a goal for itself that “no trucker should have to drive more than a day without being able to find a TFC mobile chapel.” These chapels are more than just places to grow a driver’s faith, however. They also serve as a safe and comfortable place for drivers from all walks of life. Each chapel offers counseling services and an opportunity to connect with other drivers who are struggling with loneliness and other hardships of the road. No matter what you’re dealing with, the chaplains of Transport for Christ are always ready to listen and offer advice to weary travelers.

You can find a mobile chapel for truckers near you by browsing Transport for Christ’s website. Most of these chapels are located in parking lots of rest stops and trucking events. Over 30 of these chapels are permanent structures. Each location is a converted trailer that was donated and renovated into a fully functional space equipped with a meeting room and chaplain’s quarters. The renovation process costs approximately $50,000. But, donations help to considerably cut these expenses. Volunteers almost single-handedly convert the trailers into chapels, which also lowers the cost. These individuals assist with everything from painting to carpentry to electrical work. All told, the renovation process takes about 3 months to complete.

Mobile Chapel for Truckers: Overseas Affiliates

In addition to Transport for Christ’s efforts in the US and Canada, many other drivers have connected with their ministries in Russia, Zambia, Brazil, and Tanzania. The organization has plans to expand its reach to other countries as well. You can stay up-to-date on their progress by visiting their website!

Join the Movement

Do you want to help Transport for Christ spread its message to more drivers like yourself? They are always seeking individual or team drivers who want to assist their ministry. Full or part-time positions are available and no experience is necessary. For questions about getting involved, visit their volunteer pagecall (717) 426-9977, or email [email protected].

Drivers who are seeking guidance but are unable to make it to a chapel have options, too! You can call the Trucker’s Prayer Line at (877) 797-PRAY or (877) 797-7729.

Are you a truck driver of faith? What are some other ways that you worship while you’re on the road? How do you balance your faith-based activities with your driving schedule? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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