Mobile Chapels: An Incredible Way to Practice Faith as a Trucker

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There’s not a lot of time for practicing religious beliefs while driving over-the-road for long periods of time.  Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of time for many things we’d wish to do as a full-time CDL driver. After all, searching for a church or service,scheduling a the time to dedicate towards it, thinking about where to park your tractor trailer, and everything else makes it all but impossible to get to connect with a real Christian community. But, what if there was an organization that provides access to chapels that would accommodate a driver with the fullest plate? Well—-there is.

Transport for Christ (TFC), a nondenominational nonprofit 501c3 organization, has an active ministry in 45 locations (and growing) in the US and Canada with additional locations in Russia an Zambia. TFC actually has its roots intitally from a man named Jim Keyes who started a traveling safety seminar program in July 1951. Keyes and others became known for their navy and gold uniforms and their message that “safety is of the lord.”

The major goal of the organization is that ultimately “no trucker should have to drive more than a day without being able to find a TFC mobile chapel.” The chapels are more than just a place to grow a driver’s faith, however. They also serve as a safe and comfortable place for weary warriors of the road to “unload” their burdens with friendly faces to encourage drivers. As their tagline says, “TFC will help drivers along life’s highway in anyway they can.”

TFC “Mobile Chapels”

Transport for Christ has 41 mobile chapels in various truck stop and travel center locations throughout 22 states and 5 provinces in North America. Of these, 33 are permanent fixtures. Each one is a converted trailer that has been kindly donated and renovated into a fully functional space equipped with a meeting room and chaplain’s quarters. The process is one that is worth approximately $50,000, but only ends up costing less than $25k thanks to the kind support of donors. Plus, it takes about 3 months to complete the converted-trailer chapels and is done almost exclusively by volunteers. Additionally, a lot of help is given by a part-time staff member named Kurwin High who is able to go above and beyond during construction. Volunteers help doing everything they can from painting to carpentry to electrical work.  Their hard work certainly has paid off considering 79,991 drivers connected with TFC’s North American ministries in 2013.

  • Where they’re going: travel plazas in San Antonio (TX), Dallas (TX), Slidell (LA), Phoenix (AZ), Boise (ID) and Richmond (VA)
Chapel,interior,construction,1 man,installing cabinets

Ocala FL chapel in process: Pilot Travel Center (I-75, Exit 358

Racine Chapel, interior, construction, 4 guys

Construction in Racine, WI location: Highlands Petro (I-94 & Hwy 20, Exit 333)

IO Mobile Chapel, truck parade, OH, 2013 is an annual event held in the Dalton, Ohio area

Chapel,exterior,construction,mud flaps,2 men,Racine

TFC Overseas

In addition to the exceptional efforts of Transport or Christ in the US and Canada, an additional 10,132 drivers have connected with their ministries in Zambia and Russia. However, their locations are a little different.

  • Where they’re going: overseas locations in Paranagua (Brazil), Asuncion (Paraguay), St. Petersburg (Russia), Kazungula (Africa), and Beitbridge (South Africa)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.39.09 PM

Want to get involved?

Transport for Christ is always seeking individual or couple drivers interested in assisting the ministry either full or part-time to help spread the same message they’ve had for over 55 years now, “To lead truck drivers as well as the trucking community to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.” No experience needed….just a desire to help others. For questions about getting involved call (717) 426-9977 or email

If you’re a driver wishing to speak to someone about anything at any time at all, you can use the amazing tool of the Trucker’s Prayer Line at (877) 797-PRAY or (877) 797-7729.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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