Make Your Cab a Home on Wheels

Make Your Cab a Home on Wheels
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Ideally, as a trucker you’re probably on the open road for the majority of your time, just like you’ve always dreamed! However, the countless days and nights you spend cooped up in your cab may leave you feeling a bit, well, home sick at times. For instance, when you have to leave your home, family, or beloved pet behind it may make you envy the inside of your usual sanctuary in the slightest bit–especially when you aren’t ready to leave those things behind for the road just yet.

Rather than sulking in your Dawson’s Creek toned thoughts, get creative and make it your very own home on wheels—just like it should be!

Let’s Face It, Your Truck is Your Home.

Once you find yourself eating, sleeping, and working all at the same place it’s undoubtedly become your home. Nobody wants to live in discomfort, so why not take the time to make it feel cozy! You don’t need to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars; just changing and adding things here and there can make worlds of a difference in your trucks atmosphere.

The main key to transforming your truck into your second home luxury and less like a work tool is to focus on adding little touches! It won’t take much, so here are a few ideas for sprucing up your home on wheels:

  • What’s your favorite color? From black to Barbie pink, adding accents of your favorite color to the inside of your cab can boost your mood instantly! Even replacing your boring floor mats with colorful ones can brighten up your day, and take the extra step and replace your seat covers as well!
  • If your truck doesn’t already have curtains, it is a very good idea to invest in some! It may not seem like much, but adding curtains will make your cab feel cozy in no time—it might also improve your sleep if you purchase blackout ones!
  • It’s a good idea to invest in an inverter—especially if you have more than a couple electronics on the road with you! Which introduces the next item on my list—entertainment! Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on your down time. Men especially, hook up a TV and your gaming system and have some fun for a few hours!
  • If you’re into reading, bring some magazines or books with you—this can help to make you feel very relaxed.
  • The most comfortable aspect of being at home is your bedroom; don’t settle for less just because you’re on the road. Add personality to your bed with some tasteful bedding. In order to drive to your fullest potential, you must be well rested. Jump into heaven every time with high thread-count sheets, as they provide the most comfortable sleeping accommodations when compared to lower threat-counts.
  • Don’t be afraid to decorate. Adding small pictures, posters, or rugs here and there can help to make you feel at home in no time—every home has decorations, and your house on wheels shouldn’t fall short.
  • The best part about being home is the food, and most truckers think that just because they are on the road they have to compromise meals—you don’t! Bring along some luxury items such as a mini refrigerator, microwave, toaster over, coffee pot, etc. And enjoy your favorite home cooked meals while on route!

For some more helpful tips and tricks to making your truck feel like home on wheels, eHow has put together a simple checklist for you!

Don’t Compromise Because You’re On the Road

It doesn’t take much to turn the cab into your own (wo)man cave—just think about what makes you feel at home while you actually are at home and then add those touches to your truck! You’re more likely to enjoy your time out on the road if your environment is cozy and personalized to your liking.


If you are a company driver, or don’t own your truck there is no need to worry. All of these ideas are transitory and can be removed whenever you desire!

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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