How to Buy a Used Commercial Truck like a Pro

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Buying a commercial truck is a great transportation business venture, whether you’re starting or looking for a way to step up your owner-operator trucking career. However, it’s essential to shop around before you just abruptly jump the gun and purchase any old truck. You need to consider safety, pricing and features that best suit your particular needs. Commercial trucks definitely aren’t cheap, though. Many owner-operators opt into purchasing a used commercial truck in order to save money, but many find that pre-owned rigs require a lot more maintenance than they expect.

Where to Shop for a Commercial Truck

1. Consider used trucks online first.

Check out online resources like TruckPaper, eBay Motors, Commercial Truck Trader, Rock & Dirt, Craigslist, or other local sites to find private and local sellers of commercial trucks. The only problem with buying any used vehicles from an online-seller is that you may encounter problems down the road.

2. Find truck dealers locally.

Talk to some dealers in your area and explain what you’re looking for and have them help you find it. Then you can save time and be able to easily inspect and test drive anything you’re interested in. Community directories can help you find dealers in the area to start your search.

3. Go to an auto auction.

Get in touch with a dealer in your area to find out when automobile auctions are being held. This can be a great way to find an affordable commercial truck.

What to Look For in a Used Commercial Truck

Find the truck that suits your needs.

Consider style, function, truck model, year, and mileage before even starting your hunt for a used commercial truck. You can’t get the perfect truck unless you know what your perfect truck is, right?

Know the value of what you want.

Once you know what you are looking for, find out how much it’s worth so you can get a reasonable idea of how much you should pay for it. Grab estimates through trustworthy places like Kelley Blue Book to get a good understanding of how much the truck you are interested in goes for. It’s also a good idea to read customer reviews to familiarize yourself with that particular type of vehicle.

Check the safety record.

Dealers are REQUIRED to disclose the history of their trucks. Be sure to find out whether your truck has been in accidents or if it has had a lot of mechanical work done. If either one of these is the case, then walk away. No one wants to get stuck with a lemon.

Get the truck inspected before making a purchase.

Before you invest in such a pricey piece of equipment, it’s only logical to ensure that it is up to standards. Have a professional mechanic take a look at the commercial truck you want before buying. If you see there are a lot of repairs or safety issues, then you may want to keep looking. On the other hand, you may find a wonderful truck and be comforted that you are making the right choice.

Negotiate price.

After you have found the value of the vehicle you want and taken into consideration the results of the inspection, you can go from there to negotiate a price. If there’s some mechanical work you’ll have to invest in, you can use that as a way to bring the price down substantially.

Do you have any tips or resources that you use for finding a used commercial truck? Share with us in the comments below!

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