Healthy Highway: 7 Mobile Apps ALL Truck Drivers Need NOW!

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Trucking is notorious for it’s less than accommodating nature, at least when it comes to wellness. Having time for extras like finding a gym or scheduling a doctors appointment is rare, fast food is amply available, and bad nights sleep can put a damper on our entire day behind the wheel. Mobile apps are a helpful way to keep your body healthy and happy without sacrificing all the time it traditionally sucked up in the past. Here are just a few of my personal favorite apps perfect for the busy trucker who wants to work of improving their health.

7 Healthy Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers


Water is magic. It helps keep your transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature, digestion, circulation, and more in good working order. It also can actually help you eat less, keep skin healthy and flowing, and even keep your bathroom trips regular. Waterlogged is a mobile app that can help you keep track of how much water you’re chugging, get reminders on when to drink to develop healthy water habits, and you can even keep tabs of your consumption over time (by day, week, or year.)

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Keeping track of what you eat can do wonders for losing weight and keeping it off. Why is this especially great for drivers? Well this calorie-counter app has a database of over 5 million foods so you can find out the nutritional values of all your favorite foods, even ones from national restaurants like Arby’s, Cheesecake Factory, and just about everywhere else. Not only do you document the calories you ingest, but you also can figure how much you burn when you workout. All and all, it’s a great motivational tool to get even the busiest trucker on the road to weight loss.

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Ever feel too busy to seek medical advice as a driver? Unfortunately, a huge part of the trucking industry is staying on schedule and there’s not always time (or extra cash) to spend on doctor’s visits. HealthTap allows you to communicate with real doctors—wherever and whenever. Get answers, share test results, opinions, and even referrals. Plus, checklists and reminders can help you get in some good habits. The app is ran by a team of doctors, engineers, designers, health mavens, and more! The app is brimming with trustworthy health and wellness advice that is personalized just for you.

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Sleep Cycle

If you wake up abruptly from a deep sleep, we all know it can totally ruin out day. Sleep Cycle’s creators knew that timing was everything when it comes to sleep. The app will track your sleep patterns and act as your alarm clock to wake up only during your lightest sleep period. How does it work? It has an accelerometer that can measure the movements in your sleep so that it can gently nudge you into consciousness at the ideal time.


It can be really difficult to be a truck driver if you have diabetes. But, Glooka, a diabetes management app can make it a lot easier. Glooko can sync your meter, pump and cgm onto your iOS or Android. You can keep up with your blood glucose and insulin information as well as your diet, exercise, and more.

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Rolling Strong

Rolling Strong is specifically designed for professional truck drivers in the U.S. to find quick information on the road such as clinics for DOT and/or BIOs, Snap Fitness workout locations, health & wellness locations, and Pilot Flying J Locations.


Fooducate offers a huge database of food that can tell you which products are healthy (or which ones who claim to be healthy and aren’t) on a grading system A-D. It makes learning about products easier than ever with ability to scan barcodes to review grades, keep track of quality (not just quantity) of calories, offers healthier alternatives to choose from, communities to both inspire and be inspired by others, and allows you to modify it to suit your specific goals.

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  1. Thank you so much for introducing these apps. The apps that I use the most while on a long haul are FleetSaver Mobile and Gasbuddy. Former blocks calls, SMSs and other messages for a time period and the latter shows where your nearest gas station is.

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