Finding Lease Purchase Trucking Jobs | Top Benefits

Finding Lease Purchase Trucking Jobs | Top Benefits

Have you been searching for a way to gain more independence as a commercial driver but aren’t quite there yet financially? While trucking is a great and reliable way to make a living, some professionals eventually find that they would rather work more on their own terms. One way to do this is by becoming an owner-operator. However, this takes a significant investment of time and money. Otherwise, finding lease purchase trucking jobs is the route more and more drivers are taking in order to become independent contractors!

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So what are lease purchase trucking jobs you ask? Owner-operators already own their commercial vehicles and operate the day-to-day activities of their own businesses. On the other hand, lease purchase trucking jobs represent the first step to working on your own terms so a company will still handle such responsibilities. Essentially, owner-operators are responsible for handling their taxes and compliances while finding lease purchase jobs means you won’t have to deal with these things directly.

However, the main appeal of finding lease purchase jobs is that drivers don’t have to pay for their rigs outright. Instead, certain companies will provide the resources and financing drivers need while transitioning to independent contractor work. Next, we’ll detail some of the main benefits of these positions and why it’s appealing for drivers to enter the world of owner-operators through lease purchase jobs.

Top Benefits of Finding Lease Purchase Trucking Jobs

1. Financing and Bonuses

Considering the high cost buying a commercial vehicle outright, drivers looking to gain more professional independence can have great success with finding lease purchase trucking jobs. Some of the top companies offering lease purchase positions offer incentives such as:

  • No money down
  • No credit check
  • Affordable upgrade plans
  • Guaranteed pay on fuel surcharge collected
  • 30-day warranties
  • Additional purchase options

Another great aspect of finding lease purchase trucking jobs is the available sign-on bonuses. In addition to gaining access to a modern commercial vehicle of your own, companies often incentivize these positions with extra pocket-change. Drivers can get as much as $7,500 to come aboard as an independent contractor!

2. Better Schedule Flexibility

If the benefits mentioned above aren’t enough to consider finding lease purchase trucking jobs, a flexible schedule is often another key selling point. While working as a standard company driver does have its specific perks, some drivers really just want to take their careers into their own hands. Working as an independent contractor with lease purchase jobs, and eventually, owner-operator positions, are ways to create a schedule that really works for you.

3. Company Support

Considering that buying a commercial vehicle outright is a huge commitment, it can really help when companies provide added support throughout their lease purchase positions. Companies are taking huge chances on drivers to whom they lease trucks, but only because they really believe in their ability to perform. Finding lease purchase trucking jobs isn’t for drivers who aren’t fully committed to the lifestyle and profession. This is something that is important to make note of. Once you lease a truck and sign on to one of these positions, it’s in your best interest to continue meeting your financial and contractual goals.

Trucking companies featuring lease purchase driver jobs often allow drivers to choose their type of jobs, all while keeping in mind their financial agreements. This aspect ensures you can find the positions you’re looking for in addition to starting on the road to becoming an owner-operator in full.

Do you have experience working lease purchase jobs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share this article with others!

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  1. Your Financing and Bonuses:
    1.No money down
    2.No credit check
    3.Affordable upgrade plans
    4.Guaranteed pay on fuel surcharge collected
    5.30-day warranties
    6.Additional purchase options

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