Coolest New Gadgets for Truckers

Coolest New Gadgets for Truckers
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Trucking is not the easiest profession. I try to make it a point to keep up with the most innovative stuff to make a life on wheels a much smoother ride! With the holidays rapidly approaching, you might be looking for the perfect gift for the trucker in your life. Luckily, below we’ve included some of the coolest¬†tech so you can make sure you have the best new gadgets for truckers.

Coolest New Gadgets For Truckers

The Mitticool

Ironically, this awesome new device is basically technology free. It’s a fridge that requires absolutely no electricity and keeps food fresh for about a week! It’s small and perfect for storing milk, veggies and any other perishables. How does it work? It’s made out of clay and as long as you can remember to pour water in the top so that it can be absorbed in the pours to keep food at a nice and cool temperature. Now that’s what I call cool! It also can make a single glass of water cold in a portion in the top of the device for a thirst on a hot day spent behind the wheel. Additionally, it won’t break the bank because it only runs at about $40-$60–much cheaper than other minifridges. When it comes to new gadgets for truckers, the Mitticool might be exactly what the trucker in your life needs!

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

You might be looking for some nerdy and new gadgets for truckers, and luckily we’ve got you covered! Star Wars-obsessed drivers can rejoice. For the geekiest of truck drivers, a $40 R2-D2 USB charger can be plugged right into your cigarette lighter.¬† Not only is it super cool to look at it light up, but it charges more than one device at once. You can keep your cell phone and tablet fully juiced at the same time–on the go! It even makes the same movements and whistles from the film to indicate when its plugged in. Let the force be with y’all.

GammaTech DURABOOK R8300

Looking for a piece of technology as rugged and strong as you? Then check out the DURABOOK. It’s basically a military grade computer than can withstand drops onto concrete, crazy temperatures, all sorts of humidity, etc. And, the battery can last about 8 hours. But, this laptop is not the prettiest one of the block–and definitely not the most wallet-friendly either! This same type of 20x the strength plastic t4echnology is also available now in tablet.


I love listening to music, it keeps me sane. But, something that drives me INSANE is loud noises of traffic at the truck-stops when I stop to go on a snooze cruise. The perfect solution for anyone like me is a product called Sleepphones. I normally wouldn’t spend 60 bucks on a pair of headphones, but this is a way different. They wrap around your head in a cozy and soft fleece material that drown out all the outside noise that can interrupt your slumbers. You can listen to soothing noises to help you sleep, pass out to your favorite tunes or listen to some educational e-books. If you really want to stimulate your brain, you can even try out learning a new language as you doze off! With no uncomfortable cords or lumpy plastic parts to make you feel uncomfortable, these make a great tool to use to get a good rest.

Massage Chair for Truck Seat

Quite possibly my favorite gadget on the list, the massage chair. With all that time spent sitting, it’s a God-send to be able to switch on a little taste of luxury while on the road. Plus, they start at around $30 which is totally reasonable when it comes to personal comfort. And, some are equipped awesome features like seat warmers. These chairs also can be brought inside to use when not trucking indoors on computer chairs. They allow you to adjust the power you desire for the massage and run through your cigarette lighter. This will make driving so soothing and relaxing that long shifts will become a breeze.

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