Concert Tour Trucking | For Those That Rock, So Does the Bankroll
Concert Tour Trucking | For Those that Rock, So Does the Bankroll!

Concert Tour Trucking | For Those That Rock, So Does the Bankroll

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Getting comfortably numb with your hauls? Don’t stop believing in the industry! Just like a rolling stone, when it comes to trucking nothing’s going to stop the traditional dry van, freight, and flatbeds. That sort of trucking is rock-steady. For some, the day-to-day drive is nothing like the fast-paced life our favorite trucking movies promised us. If you’re sick of those regular loads, stop hauling them and get out there and hustle for your dreams. If your routes are boring and taking too much time away from your passions, there’s no better time to make the change to concert tour trucking! You might be surprised just how lucrative that choice is.


If this is describing you, listen up!


So, what happens when you’ve taken it to your limit? What could possibly be the answer to tired-old trivial transportation? It’s time to try your hand on tour with the best-kept secret in the transportation industry, concert tour trucking.


Are you ready to grow out those sideburns and become the roadie you’ve always dreamed of! You might be surprised to learn that the concert tour trucking is one of the most lucrative niches out there.  According to LiveNation, in 2019 concert revenue grew to 10.8 Billion dollars! Are far as to demand Live Nation Concerts, the attendance was a handsome 93 Million spectators.


What that means for the operators in these niches, for those about to rock, so does the bankroll.  With all of those head-bangers hungry for their eardrums to bleed, apparently so too do their wallets! For the men and women who move the stage, lighting, and rigging equipment, work is accustomed to more like a family.


Here are five traits you need for a career in concert tour trucking:


Love Music

One of the benefits of working in concert tour trucking is of course, working with musicians and famous artists! For every live tour across America, there is a tour bus! If you’re looking for the chance to be a part of a large production, concert tour trucking ifs for you!

concert tour trucking


Love Entertainment

Everything from the Superbowl to Coachella this type of trucking is the heartbeat to the operation. Every piece of sound equipment right down to the stage itself needs to be hauled from city to city. Having a truck on the caravan makes the trip a whole lot easier.

concert tour trucking

 Get Ready to Work

When it comes to concert tour trucking, get ready to work long hours. According to one hauler, the staff are on call 24 hours a day! Not to mention the long tours are just as long for the drivers as they are the musicians!

concert tour trucking


Be Quick

Depending on some contracts, you’ll need to be quick. Late deliveries or missed show can not only lead to bad PR from the artists, but also for the trucking company. According to some sources, if a load is damaged or late it could cost the hauler to “buy-the-house.” In other words, pay back the employees and all of the fans for their seats and time!

concert tour trucking

Stay Organized

Because of your knowledge and practice with the same load, likely you’ll be in charge of the groupies who move the equipment. When it comes to hauling and unloading, it sometimes falls to the trucker to be leading voice during the offload.

concert tour trucking

Be Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of working long tours is that you bond with your co-workers far more deeply. It’s not unlike a team of truckers and movers to bump elbows with the celebrity! It’s far more common to head out for drinks and enjoy the perks of a free concert!

concert tour trucking


Be Up Late and Ready to Roll

With some concert tour trucking, be ready to work the nightshift. With most concerts getting out at 2 am on a Friday or Saturday night, once the last song is played, be ready to hit the ground running!

concert tour trucking


Concert tour trucking, sometimes known as entertainment or event hauling is the trucking industry’s best secret. Whatever you call it, this niche position transports the stage and show equipment essential to tours and traveling productions! This industry is jam-packed. The pay is usually weekly.


Fix your day-to-day haul. Try something new and consider the work of a concert tour trucking.


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