How to Make Easy Money with Company Sponsored CDL Training
How to Make Easy Money with Company Sponsored CDL Training -

How to Make Easy Money with Company Sponsored CDL Training

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Many people who are interested in getting their CDL are intimidated by the cost of CDL training programs. There are several CDL training programs in the U.S. with different levels of financial assistance. However, many programs (including some of the top programs) are still expensive. Luckily, there is a cheaper way to obtain your CDL. Look for trucking companies that train. These training programs are designed to help trucking students obtain their CDL under one condition: you work for the company. You may still have questions about company sponsored CDL training, and we have answers!Company Sponsored CDL Training

What is Company Sponsored CDL Training?

Company sponsored CDL training is just what you would initially think. Trucking companies that train drivers pay for CDL training. After the trucking students receive their CDL, they will work for that company. Drivers must sign a contract stipulating that they will work for the company once their training is complete. Companies provide CDL training not only as an incentive for people to work with them, but also to ensure that their truckers have sufficient training. If they are confident in the training you have received, they are more likely to keep you on as a trucker in the long run. Some companies provide the training themselves while others simply pay for you to attend a trucking school. Each company is different in terms of payments. Some companies give you the money upfront, pay the school directly, or reimburse you for expenses.

The contracts that truckers sign usually stipulate that you will work for the company for at least a year. Some companies will have you pay them back for the training in paycheck deductions once you start working. This is not entirely ideal, although you will still be able to get your CDL without going into debt and have a scheduled payment plan in which you are still receiving a salary.

Why Should You Consider Company Sponsored CDL Training?

Of course, there are pros and cons to sponsored CDL training programs. One obvious pro is that you will receive free training. Although there are strings attached, namely that you will have to work for a particular company, it is also nice to have some job security. After you get your CDL, you will automatically have a job lined up. This will allow you to fully focus on your CDL training without worrying about looking for a job during the training. You may be making low wages during your first year on the job because of deductions, but some programs do not have these deductions.

Another benefit of paid CDL training is that you will probably learn to drive on company equipment. This means that you will already be familiar with the rigs you will be using on the job. The most beneficial thing you can do is to fully read and discuss a contract before signing. Companies should be open to your questions and clarifications. They want careful and thoughtful drivers after all!

Where to Find Company Sponsored CDL Training

An easy way to find if a company offers sponsored CDL training is to search on AllTruckJobs.  You can browse companies by driver type, and once you filter for “student” drivers, you will be able to see which companies offer training for students. But don’t stop there! It’s important to inquire about specifics when looking at companies. You should contact a company with a specific job listing in mind. This way, you can ask about payment details and possible contractual obligations. Most companies require candidates to be at least 21 years old. You also usually need to have a clean driving record and pass a drug test.

Company sponsored CDL training might not be a good fit for every potential driver. You will need to make sure that the company is right for you before signing a contract. Read it carefully! In the meantime, browse our job listings to find a possible truck driving position and inquire with the company about paid CDL training!

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