Choosing the Right Company for You

Choosing the Right Company for You
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choosing the right trucking company

Just like every other salesperson, companies will tell you everything you want to hear in order to gain your approval and services. Entering the trucking industry can be overwhelming in itself and figuring out if a company is trying to get you to sign with them so they can benefit industry wise is probably the last thing you want to worry about. Lucky for you, we put together a list of ways to ensure that you’re choosing the best company that suits your wants and needs!

The basics.

Shortly after looking into companies you’ve heard of in the trucking industry, you’ll most likely start researching or calling around to see what they offer. I call this information “the basics” because companies can’t really stray away from the truth too much when it comes to topic questions such as the following:

  • Coverage- does the company offer any type of healthcare packages? Or do they have any type of dental plans? It’s important to know if you’re going to be insured through a company, so you can figure out other ways to get insurance if needed.
  • Benefits- there is a wide variety of benefits offered by trucking companies- from sign-on bonuses to 401k plans. Some companies won’t bring the benefits to attention unless you specifically ask, so make sure you take the initiative and find out what extra money you could be earning.
  • Pay- make sure you are aware of how the business pays their employees. You may be placed on a salary from the beginning or some companies offer pay per mile. Pay per mile works by earning a certain wage based on the amount of miles you travel while on route; depending on your freight type and hauling preferences you may be offered either or.
  • Home options for your area- it’s easiest if you already know how often you’d like to spend your nights at home. Companies can determine your routes off of your preferences, but be sure to address this before it potentially becomes an issue.
  • Freight types they haul- obviously you don’t want to apply for a company that doesn’t offer the type of freight you’d like to operate. Be sure to do your research before contacting a company that may not even offer what you specialize in.

Utilize your resources.

Once you know the basics about a company, don’t be afraid to take the extra step and get in touch with their current drivers. Ask them what they love about the job and what they don’t. It’s important to dig a little deeper into companies rather than just believing everything they tell you at first, because it’s likely that things on the inside operate a little differently.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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