A New Road | Trucking Through a Pandemic
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A New Road | Trucking Through a Pandemic

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We know you’re tired of reading about it, or listening to it, or even seeing it. It’s no secret that the coronavirus has completely changed how our society functions. Entire industries have been turned upside-down by COVID-19, and it’s looking like “normal” is still far from the horizon. We’ve already taken a look at how the Coronavirus is impacting the industry. From a decrease in drivers to more and more regulations when it comes to picking up and dropping off freight, this virus has affected all drivers. However, we think it’s important to look at the logistics of the virus. We’re talking about the entire process of driving, picking up freight, visiting weigh stations, the whole nine yards. Your company most likely already regulations in place, but below we’re going to point out a few tips for trucking through a pandemic.

Trucking Through a Pandemic

The Cab Essentials

Let’s first start with what you’re keeping inside your rig. When you’re trucking through a pandemic, the buzzword is gonna be “sanitization.” It’s a mouthful, but it’s going to be what keeps you happy and healthy. You’re going to want things to sanitize both your rig and yourself at all times. When you leave your rig, whether it be to unload your haul, use the restroom, or simply stretch your legs, you’re going to want to sanitize when you get back in your cab.

trucking through a pandemic

We recommend getting some sanitary wipes to wipe down the inside of your rig when you return. You should be wiping the entirety of your cab if possible, with special attention to your door handles, steering wheel, and ELD. The virus can remain on surfaces for quite some time so it’s important that you’re disinfecting. We also recommend having hand sanitizer on hand as well. While you should still be wearing gloves (more on that later), it’s still a good idea to have sanitizer on hand.

The Wearables

Now let’s venture outside your rig. No, you don’t need a gas mask and a spacesuit. However, there are a few essentials that you should be wearing at all times when you’re outside your rig.

First, we recommend that you wear gloves. Rubber gloves that you can buy in bulk are essential when traveling through a pandemic. It’s nearly impossible to go about your workday without touching things or interacting with people. These gloves add yet another layer of sanitary precautions. The second thing you should be wearing is a mask. Ideally, you want a medical N95 mask. However, with dwindling supplies, you can use cloth masks like a bandanna as well. These two wearables should always be on hand when trucking through an epidemic.

Person-to-Person Etiquette

Another thing to consider when trucking through a pandemic is how you’re interacting with people while you’re working. Most companies will have regulations in place to limit the amount of person-to-person contact. These regulations will include zero-contact loading and unloading. Many companies are asking truckers to remain in his or her rig during the loading and unloading process.

Forms that usually need to be signed in-person are now going digital. You might be asked to sign-off on something online or they might even waive the signature altogether. When trucking through a pandemic, it’s important to be aware of the new guidelines that both your employer and other businesses that you’re interacting with.

Eating establishments have also changed. Many truckers have become frustrated with the lack of eating options on the road. While this is extremely unfortunate, we recommend keeping non-perishable food items in your rig in case you can’t find a place to stop.

What are some steps that you and/or your company is taking to stay safe and healthy while out on the road?

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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