5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Truck Drivers Away from Home

5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Truck Drivers Away from Home
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Roses are red, violets are blue. When you’re not local on V-Day—what do you do?

Trucking is not a standard 9-5 job. Sometimes it so happens that you’re still on the road even on days where most are celebrating holidays. But ever wonder how truck drivers and their sweethearts celebrate this Hallmark holiday when they can’t get to physically see each other?

There’s actually a lot of truly romantic ways to show your lover that you’re thinking of them on Valentine’s. It just make take some creative thinking and a tad extra preparation time. Luckily, these days we have so many digital ways of connecting remotely to the victims of Cupid’s arrow in our lives like through Facetime, Skype, texting, etc. Plus, good one snail-mail next-day shipping makes sending your love “sweet nothings” really something.


1. Surprise Your Babe with Flowers Sent to them At Home or Work.

It’s very played-out, I know—but sending flowers can be done from anywhere as long as you can remember to order them! Plan for them to to arrive during your loved ones work hours to surely make their co-workers green with envy.

1800-Flowers delivers in most of the U.S. states and you can find local florists to deliver in any areas that aren’t in their range. You don’t even need to stick to the traditional red roses—you can get choose less mainstream styles like even an arrangement shaped like a puppy (yep, they make those!) Plus, their site is a great one-stop shop to find options to send other sweet Valentine’s Day items to your significant other like fruit basket arrangements, baked goods, and stuffed animals.

2. Send a Thoughtful Care Package.

If prearranged flowers don’t seem special enough for your partner, consider putting together a personalized package full of “love.” Send things that might remind you of something like a burned “mixtape” CD of your songs, little candies, candles, or even lingerie!

3. Write an Actual Love Letter.

Sending handwritten letters in the mail seems like such a thing of the past. But, when you’re not going to be able to be in town during the most romantic day of the year, sending a “vintage” handwritten little note can be a very thoughtful gesture. Just avoid¬† the cliche “roses are red…..”

4. Plan a Virtual Date.

Can’t see your date in person? Then the next best thing is connecting digitally via a romantic video-chat.¬† Plan a set time and look your best! Blowing kisses through a screen is better than none at all!

….but even BETTER YET….

5. …Plan a Surprise “Valentine’s Day” on a Day When You ARE in Town.

Don’t get it twisted—there’s no substitute for YOU in the flesh on Valentine’s Day, but it can’t always be an option. So when you have no other choice but to work out of town on February 14th, the only other option is to celebrate on another day. A rescheduled V-Day is perfect for truckers who are used to making flexible choices for other holidays they might have to work. Plus, nothing is more romantic that taking your significant other by total surprise with the whole ten yards; flowers, candy, wining and dining. Spice up your intimate relationship either before or after the actual Valentine’s Day.


Truck driving away from home on the sexiest day of the year doesn’t have to be a total bummer for people who are in committed relationships. Just be sure to let your true love know that they’re still in your head and in your heart—-even when you might be hundreds of miles apart.

Author: Hit The Road Jack

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