5 Games Team Drivers Should All Know

5 Games Team Drivers Should All Know
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Sometimes your drive is not so scenic and it can be tiresome while driving for hours at a time. Your caffeine kick is wearing off or you are simply just bored. If you and your partner find it hard to keep up conversation while driving simply play a game! This will pass the time and you will definitely be entertained.

  1. License Plate Game

Go back and forth and try to find all 50 states by where the license plate of a car is from. It will probably be hard to find them all so skip around if need be.

  1. ABC Game

Go back and forth between you and your partner and try to find all the letters of the alphabet on street signs, license plates, and bumper stickers but be sure to yell where you found it or it doesn’t count!

  1. Kevin Bacon Game

This is a little trickier and will only work if you and your partner are good with movies, actors, and actresses. One of you will pick an actor/actress and you have to connect them back to Kevin Bacon. The way you connect them is the tricky part. You have to connect them by movies that they both appear in until you connect the two actors. This will be way easier to understand by example.

For example:

Partner 1 picks Matthew McConaughey

Partner 2 has to do all the connecting back to Kevin Bacon so he could say:

Matthew McConaughey to Jennifer Garner in Dallas Buyers Club

Jennifer Garner to Mark Ruffalo in 13 Going on 30

Mark Ruffalo to Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

Steve Carell to Kevin Bacon in Crazy, Stupid, Love

(Again, definitely more challenging but once you get the hang of it; it can be a really fun game!)

  1. The Picnic Game

This game is fun and easy for everyone involved; it’s all about memorization.

Partner 1 starts off by saying “I went to a picnic Saturday (any day you want) and I brought…” you start with the letter A, like apricots and then the next player has to repeat the opening phrase followed by whatever partner 1 said and then pick something starting with the letter B.

For example:

Partner 1- I went to a picnic on Saturday and brought an apricot.

Partner 2- I went to a picnic Saturday and brought an apricot and balloons.

You continue through the alphabet without messing up and using your partners help. This is a fun game to play to pass the time.

  1. I-Spy

This is always a car favorite. One partner picks a color and the other tries to guess where they saw that color. But make sure to make it a color that you are not going to quickly drive past, that’s no fair!

While trucking around the US sometimes you need a little distraction, not from the road of course, but something to keep your brain going than just miles and miles of road. Try any of these fun games with your partner on your next truck drive. If you’re still looking for your perfect team driving job to try these games out, click here.

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  1. Great blog post. I like the Picnic game you mentioned. Any of these games would definitely help pass the time while truck driving. Thanks for sharing!

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