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January 17, 2019

by Tim Vos



January 17, 2019

by Robert Killion

Otr Driver

I have found that if you want the miles, they are here. I don't sit and wait for my next run. I know where I am going before I'm unloaded, and sometimes sooner than that. The staff is very friendly and quite accommodating. I have not had any problems getting off time. Well, I need to get moving, great place to work. I'm loving it !!

January 17, 2019

by Chad B


Great place to work. DRIVERS WANTED!

January 17, 2019

by Johnny B


I've been in the industry for over 8 years both as a company driver and an owner operator. I've dealt with a lot of people and companies. I have to say Sunset logistics in Grand Rapids, Mi. is by far the best experience I've had. I've been with Sunset logistics for 2 years as a company driver and an owner operator. I know I can go anywhere at any time and work, but I stay here. Why? Positive experiences and continued success surpassing past experiences. I have never had a problem getting loaded or getting the miles to be successful. Other companies make promises, but they have more drivers than freight and aren't able to follow up with what they promised. Not the case here. I am in Grand Rapids every week and am a very successful owner operator who started here as a company driver. Any problems I have get solved quickly. Everyone listens to my concerns and treats me with respect. Even the owner knows who I am and has time to talk with me. When I make mistakes, I'm counseled and supported, never berated or treated like a liability. Here I am treated and made to feel like an asset, not a number. Bottom line is, if you do your job, which you're paid to do, you will have only one experience here, success. The only people who have negative experiences here are those who fail to do what they are paid to do. You write your own story in life. You either succeed or you fail. At Sunset Logistics, you write a career story. With your own hard work and dedication along with the support of the personnel, you can write a novel. Do your job, it will be a good one. Don't do your job, and you'll be another negative review like the others which are mostly untrue and a result of not accepting responsibility for ones own failure. I can talk a good game, but I would invite anyone to come see for themselves and share the same opportunity for success that I enjoy. With all the companies and opportunities out there giving cdl drivers the ability to go anywhere and work, what do you have to lose? Tell em Johnny B sent ya.

January 17, 2019

by Alicia Anderson


I got my CDL back in March, tried going through a mega carrier but after 3 weeks when the dispatcher still didn't remember me by my name I knew it wasn't right for me. So I contacted Rose at Sunset and she had me in orientation within a few days. I trained with a local guy and an OTR guy and they both were great. They did everything thing they could to get me into an automatic including renting me one just because that's what I felt most comfortable in. Working here has been an incredible experience for me being a new driver. My mom got incredibly sick and they had no problem letting me come home to care for her. I debated looking into going regional for family reasons. But I just couldn't leave, I am so happy working here that it wasn't worth risking finding the grass isn't greener elsewhere. Jeremy is a great dispatcher and Sandy is awesome. They have tried to hard to make this new experience as easy for me as possible!!! Also Shelia in HR/payroll is awesome, never had a check that wasn't right and if you email her she is very responsive. Never have to be afraid to ask her questions!!!Thanks for making Sunset a great place to work!!!!
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