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Sapp Bros Travel Center

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7120 East 49th Avenue
Commerce City, CO 80022


Weigh Scale 1
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash 1
RV Dump
WiFi 1
Showers 15
Laundry 1
Barber 1


May 12, 2014

by Gordon Lynch

Me and my wife stopped in the cafe and had Mothers day brunch and I was impressed. Our waitress had excellent customer service skills, the environment around us was clean and beyond what I would see at actual restaurants around Denver, and the food was beyond epic. My wife had a skillet that she couldn't stop talking about and I started my day with one of the best Reuben sandwiches I have had in about 15 Years....OH YEAH! Four words...banana bread french toast...nuff said

March 25, 2014

by abq pinkman

Got a premium service done here and airbag replaced. Shop clerk told me it would be a 2 hr. wait to get into the shop; it was 3 hrs. They had no airbag; but instead of sending a shop guy to pick it up asap, they waited until my truck got into the shop bay. By that time my boss was about leave the office, so I asked the shop clerk "when the shop guy pick up the part, have him call the shop so i can get an estimate, call my boss too get the bill paid before he leaves" shop guy they sent out never called when he bought the airbag and bought wrong airbag. When boss leaves the office it's like trying to get ahold of the President. On top of that, earlier i had paid for a VIP spot because I knew wouldn't have a place to park after I was finished with my repairs and premium service. The spot that I had paid for was taken by another driver after it had been noted on fuel desk chart for VIP parking that I was in for repair and service. I told the fuel desk cashier and they move me over to another spot. Right as i walk outside some truck takes the spot they assigned me. Now I am flustered with the whole Sapp Bros. experience. So in an assertive manner expained to skinny girl with glasses; behind the fuel/ cashier desk that it was noted that my truck and trailer were in the shop and not to give the spot away. She then begins raising her voice @ me. I tell they would make verbal contact with the manager in the morning. I walked back to the shop and another fine Sapp Bros. employee tells me that the spot i was originally assigned is open when i am finished. I explained to him the way the other cashier had raised her voice @ me with a crappy attidude. He then says " last time you were here you complianed about employees smoking in the resturant smoking area with a women holding a newborn baby. Also have had previous issue with going into resturant smoking section and getting crappy service like pouring my own coffee because the waitress taking 20 mins. If your local or not spend your hard earn money locally. Small repair shop and truck stop that are attentive the the customer's needs. Sapp Bros is no better than T/A, Flying Hook or Love's.

February 17, 2014

by Aimee James

We love stopping here whenever we come through the Denver area. The restaurant is always good and they have the best showers. Very friendly service and makes us feel like they want our business.

April 25, 2014

by Leyetta Schroeder

This place is awesome. Excellent showers, great food and friendly service

April 21, 2014

by Treva Joan

Never a shortage of friendly helpful staff! Very clean too!!!