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November 17, 2017

by Mark Buckley


I’ve been at USA TRUCK for just over 10 years and it by far the BEST company I’ve ever worked at. I get great miles on a consistent basis and always get home when I requested. The support staff are excellent and any issue is handled right away. They have always treated me as family and have had great opportunities here. They have an excellent training department that I was a part of for 8 years. Many great safe drivers and most will help anyone. Great pay package and very good medical for my family. Great new equipment and maintained well. Would recommend USA TRUCK to any professional driver.

July 21, 2017

by Joseph C

Great company

Great company average 2800 to 3000 miles a week just wish they had more truck wishes then one ever 30th day other wise im a happy driver

July 21, 2017

by Joe F

very good company

I' started with USA TRUCK 2012 I came in as an owner operator and left sold my equipment in 2014 and came back as a company driver I've been in the industry for over 20 years and I will say USA TRUCK has had their ups and downs as well as any company but they are a very good company to work for they do all they can for the drivers within reason your mileage is average between 2300 to 3000 miles a week and another good thing our offices are open to all drivers you may go in and go to any management personnel on any floor you wish to talk with about a problem or just to say hi no floors are locked down to any driver they have full access to anywhere in the building so I encourage anyone looking for a job to say this is Home and retire come to USA Truck an give it a month and you will see this will be the place you would want to stay !!!!!!! as a politician will say I Joe Fenwick truck 3872 approve this message thanks and have a great day in the trucking industry .....

July 21, 2017

by Isaac O

I love it.

I love it. And I will let my friends to known about it.

July 21, 2017

by Gerald B

Best company

I'm starting my 4 th year with UsA TRUCK and have been a driver for over 20 years and this is the best company I have ever worked for they do what the tell you they are going to do and drivers truly take front stage with this company

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