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Triumph Transport, Inc.

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September 05, 2016

by Elizabeth Gore


On 9-04-2016 my husband and I were driving on I-94 EB Milepost 21.0 behind a trailer that comes back to this address it use to be called Transport International Pool Inc. we heard a boom and the semi in front of us and a tire debris hit us because we could not move we were in the center lane with cars on both sides of us. We pulled over the driver to the semi pulled onto the side of the road a football field away from us and checked his truck and left. This was a hit and run I do not consider this a road hazard when the driver did not even check to make sure we were ok. I tried calling today with the trailer number and was informed by Eric this is not the right company. I live in North Carolina this happened in Illinois. This is a POS company to let a car driver that done nothing wrong to be done this way.