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Riverside Transport, Inc.

4001 Kansas Ave.
Kansas City, KS 66106


November 11, 2023

by Anonymous

Wish I had something good to say but NO!!!!

Please guys these reviews are real if 1 out 5 has a good experience and the other 4 have bad… RUN for your sake and your family sake! Truck driving is dangerous job being on the road all the time . At the least the company should be able to provide the miles, benefits, home time and communication between dispatchers to make the trucker feel comfortable and confident in their work, but UNFORTUNATELY this company can’t not hold up to the things they promise as they try and get you to apply for the job. I have spoken to so many different dispatchers when working with this company with different answers to my issues they just are not on the same page. No communication! I had to leave a company that I really thought would be a great fit.

May 14, 2023

by Christopher Stewart

Started out good ended up bad

Did lease purchase for this company dedicated target account money was great had one really good dispatcher named Lonnie don’t know what happened with her but she was really good. On the dedicated target account they try to treat lease purchase drivers like company drivers especially when it comes to truck repair my truck was being repaired I didn’t take a rental because they are not cleaned or sanitized after taking one before that I had to clean after letting them know that my truck was ready the day after repair they claimed they didn’t know my truck was ready and didn’t schedule me for any loads instead had me going to get empty trailers from target stores went on for about 4 days all because I didn’t take one of the nasty rentals that they are supposedly paying to clean trucks also kept all my escrow charged me for a recovery fee for a truck I recovered from a storage lot in Atlanta and drove to owenboro Kentucky for repair so I had a rental for a few months that I picked up from Owensboro after repairs were done on my truck it was delivered to me from Owensboro I am considering legal counsel because of the deliberate not scheduling my truck and trying to put my payments in arrears also lied about some notes I have texts and notes names I’ve been trying to get in contact with corporate but no answer or they have the ones over the target account to call you also one of the office personnel has a bad name at the target dc

May 26, 2020

by AVG


I've read the reviews by a few disgruntled former employees and I can tell you they were doing something wrong. I'm LP at RTI. I've been here a year and have had no problem with making my truck payments and taking home $1700-$2000 a week. No, I don't have to run myself into the ground to do it either. Everyone at the company is great to work with and really cares about your success. My truck is two years old and well maintained. Trailers are a little older but not older than six years. If you need trailer maintenance when picking up a preload the shop gets someone right out there. If you want a good solid company then RTI qualifies.

July 20, 2017

by Jesse Watford

Answer to read reviews

Glad I read reviews of RTI! Now will not waste my time submitting an application! Been there done That! If any o/o wants to lease on to a great company try power source transportation, griffin,in

February 23, 2017

by Garza


where would I like to start? went from a bad company to a worst company. would stay out for six weeks at a time for five months and the most I ever made was the first month which was $1900.00, after that my pay drop to anywhere from $300-$700 a week.literally begging my dispatcher for miles I told him like I told the recruiter I need otr miles not regonial miles and that was why I took the job. don't even get me started about the EZ pass bullshit if your driving S I-35 or N. how can you pay the tolls if you aren't making any money. so many other things and my blood pressure is not helping thinking about this BS company.
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