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Originally a family owned business founded in Kentucky in 1937, Paschall Truck Lines, Inc. (PTL) has a long, successful history in trucking with annual revenues now in excess of $220 million and terminals in 9 major cities across the Southeast U.S.

PTL credits its success to a remarkable employee culture of owning it. The job. The deadline. The personal commitment to get it done. On time. Every time. Everyone at PTL owns it.

So in 2012, the company decided to become 100% employee owned. Now every one really does own it. 100%. Since then, company performance continues to thrive.

The opportunity to have ownership and something for retirement attracts some of the best drivers and transportation experts in the industry. But as big as the company has grown it still feels like working with family. Drivers say the support they receive from their PTL driver support group exceeds anything they’ve experienced in their careers.


Health Insurance
Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Life Insurance
Paid Weekly
Direct Deposit
Paid all miles, P.C. Miler practical.
Paid vacation
Paid holidays
401K with company match
Performance based bonuses

3 reviews about this company

July 02, 2019

Solo driver

by Nathan
Don’t listen to bad reviews about this company. For real, they do look out. If you need to get into the industry this is a great start. I’m only going on 6 months solo with them as of now but they have done EVERYTHING they said they would. They don’t have pretty Pete’s and KWOPPERS but if you need a job and a home, they got you!
October 08, 2017

OTR Truck Driver

by Anthony Abelardo
Day 1 was they give you a room already for you. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided all for free. They pay to bring you here for free. Day 2 was paper work but it was a very very organized company. Day 3 was paper work and road test but more like to see what they need to work on with you. Day 4 was going with a trainer for 2+ weeks (5000 miles). Next phase is where you go with another trainee for (30000 miles). Next phase of that is they give you a truck for $0.33-$0.35 per mile. They have everything setup for you to become easily successful. They have truck washes, maintenance, fueling, everything just go point to point and the rest they will teach you (all free). They will teach everything you need before going to Phase 2. Everything by the book and more. They have so many trailers and truck that if happened to bump some of them in their practice lot they don't care and you owe nothing. Anyone who said anything bad about the company has no idea the amount of matured finessing this company has now. Seeing new areas and feeling new environments are great. People are usually the same, just the accents. Places look usually the same just the weather, temperature, etc. (dry/humid/hot/cold/windy). The best part of it too is there is $0, no contract, no fees to pay back if you quit or get terminated. If you do happen to apply can you mention Anthony A Abelardo so I get some sort of benefit? Oh and you also get paid every single day you are at the company, that includes training and orientation. Everything is free, there is nothing you have to pay for other than if you want medical/dental insurances etc. but it's much cheaper than paying for that stuff w/o their connection. They bused or fuel compensated people coming in 100% that you would think they have zero chance of getting in the truck (heavily heavily overweight). You have absolutely nothing to lose (except time if you don't like it) by joining this company. Forget all the other reviews and listen to mine. I came from NJ. If you get your HAZMAT endorsement you get paid more. Most (all) of the students I talked to had no endorsements. PTL Shai was my recruiter and I didn't even get on with the training at Jersey Tractor Training School in Lyndhurst, NJ. I was in queue but had all my paperworks and tuitions paid. She kept in great touch with me a month prior to my actual road training. I passed my DOT CDL-A road test on my first attempt thanks to Scania Truck Driving Simulator. I'm currently OTR with AT&T mobile hotspot on my laptop in the truck in TX as we speak!! I already drove 700+ miles over 2 days and learned so much. My trainer's name is Robert Small. His driving skills are immaculate. Extremely professional. Some trainers don't teach you "everything" because they just want to get paid but he teaches more than even I expect in a trainer because most trainers leave you alone where in the beginning you need the most meticulous amounts of observation tuning. The trucks here are huge, probably maximum or very near maximum allowable length. At all truck stops our truck looks amongst the best. Currently in a 2016 Freightliner. The inside is very comfortable and I can sleep as comfortable as I do at home. We do routes for companies, not small companies but big ones like Michelin and XPOLogistics. You have to assume if PTL allows training to be done with importable expensive real-world cargo Day 1/2 of road training it means they know exactly what they are doing.
August 28, 2015

Company Driver

by James
Good miles, good home time. Before I even went to work for them they called to check in on my mother who was in the hospital, they really care about their drivers.
Paschall Truck Lines Inc
3443 U.S. Highway 641 South
Murray, KY 42071


1 Year Experience : $0.38cpm
2 Years Experience : $0.40cpm
3 Years Experience : $0.42cpm


Type of Runs: OTR, Teams
Lease/Purchase Available: Yes
Training Available: Yes


Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Vision: Yes
Retirement: 401K with Company Match


Bonuses: Performance based bonuses
Lay Over Pay: Yes
Breakdown Pay: Yes

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