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Logicorp Enterprises, LLC

1301 N State Hwy. 336
Hidalgo, TX 78557


November 17, 2015

by trucker196

The worst of the worst

no stars - big joke! I applied, got hired, the process took less than three days. I have more than 15 years' experience in dry van, tankers, refer and flat bed. Had the worst experience with Logicorp! They don't have good listening skills; they pick and choose who they want to listen too! They don't have it together obviously in the corporate office. All the dispatch team and planners are incompetent. This company has all these trucks sitting pretty, but all screwed up when planning. Each driver talk among ourselves and agree that we literally have to kiss their ass to get loads in and out like a breeze, if not you will be treated poorly. They are all very unprofessional. Plus they talked about how much work they have available and then take forever to find a load. It's a warning of what is to come if you work for them. For one, they are by far sympathetic to the drivers, and our needs. The office people are a mess. Good luck if you try calling them after hours or even during regular business hours. They each tell you to call another person or transfer you to a voicemail instead of a live person, while all along all you want is to communicate with a live person. The discussions in the office are horrible and they used language that is considered very unprofessional. Choose and picks who and when they can accept that behavior] The upper management allows it. I was not given full orientation as you should get, I got hired the same day I applied, filled out the application, sent me on a drug screen and went thru a brisk orientation, then sent me out. I was told they would have e-logs available in the trucks, GPS did not work from day one, had to use my own. When something goes wrong it is automatically the drivers fault, everyone points fingers at one another, you get transferred like a hot potatoes and they will not notify you of any deductions that you weren't aware of, until it hits your account. I got deducted for tolls and was never told not to use them, just when it happens, well elogs do it. Your pay. You're told one thing and you end up getting another, then want to evaluate you based on their poor staff opinions of loads to and from. When one driver is gone, another gets hired and that is the poor solution to their bad turn around.
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