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Logicorp Enterprises, LLC

1301 N State Hwy. 336
Hidalgo, TX 78557


August 09, 2018

by Pinche Chofer

Getting Better

I have seen worse. This new owner tries but gets hard time from everyone. Drivers dont listen and want all perfect loads and dont really want to work. Office people want to do good but Gilbert is the reason its so bad for a while. He is lazy and dont care for noone but his buddys. This company is getting better, and soon will be the best in the RGV. I like it here.

July 30, 2018

by Office staff


If I could have given 0 I would have. Horrible company to work for. Recruiters lie to bring you on board and management team from the top looks flashy, but none of them have any trucking experience. HR team from the top is one of the industries worse. Can't pay their own bills let alone pay their employees correctly and on time. But wait they can pay you 24 hours later after a load and a strong bonus program, you'll never see it. Don't be fooled, they will waste your time. If the company isn't sold to someone with a little trucking knowledge, it will be bankrupt by 2019, save yourself the hassle and find a real trucking company to work for.

May 27, 2018

by Trucker678


Read trucker196 review “The worst of the worst” in 2015. It is now 2018. Logicorp is in McAllen now but not much has changed. Especially the unorganized office I’m guessing mainly load planners.

January 03, 2018

by Jorge castaneda


Best company I ever worked for keep up the good work logicorp

December 15, 2017

by Stephen Bay


Great company for veteran drivers who can navigate the system. I'm so happy to have minimal BS
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