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Florida Beauty Express, Inc.

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September 19, 2020

by udal

esta compania es un descaro

Me robaron millas despues de decirme que pagaban por millas cuando llegue a miami me tobaron 1000 y al de millas diciendo que ellos pagaban por millas de una aplicacion que es especial para los duenos de camiones son unos descarados despues que decian que pagaban por el odometro del camion el tieno que estube muy poco trabajo y las millas que ases te las roban

December 04, 2017

by Dan milman


Bad company stay away....they treat drivers poorly and expect you to work for free. I waited 5 days in Miami waiting for a load with no pay....I quit...after more lies...Brian Butler in Ventura is a bad manager....Ralph the owner in Miami does nothing to help their bad record....Youtube the fatal accident on fla turnpike....BEWARE... .

November 23, 2017

by Tommy


Bad company they treat drivers bad. Brian and Maria and Virginia in Ventura are the worst. Unsafe dock, holes in floor BEWaaRE of them they LIE they may get you killed. You will regret your time there stay away from this terrible company

October 09, 2017

by Carlos


Be aware this company is very abusive with the drivers be very aware I warn you they could get you killed on the road be very careful if you do decide to apply for this Third World company

May 20, 2016

by Mike hessen

Florida Beauty

Bad very Bad
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Florida Beauty Express, Inc.

1351 NW 78th Ave.
Miami, FL 33126