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December 04, 2017

by Dan milman


Bad company stay away....they treat drivers poorly and expect you to work for free. I waited 5 days in Miami waiting for a load with no pay....I quit...after more lies...Brian Butler in Ventura is a bad manager....Ralph the owner in Miami does nothing to help their bad record....Youtube the fatal accident on fla turnpike....BEWARE... .

November 23, 2017

by Tommy


Bad company they treat drivers bad. Brian and Maria and Virginia in Ventura are the worst. Unsafe dock, holes in floor BEWaaRE of them they LIE they may get you killed. You will regret your time there stay away from this terrible company

October 09, 2017

by Carlos


Be aware this company is very abusive with the drivers be very aware I warn you they could get you killed on the road be very careful if you do decide to apply for this Third World company

May 20, 2016

by Mike hessen

Florida Beauty

Bad very Bad

December 14, 2015

by Driver

Stay away

I worked for this company for a year , to start you will not be paid for orientation , they will rob you in each check, i got proof of that , you will find the most incompetent dispatchers full of liars they don't give a sh*t about you the driver , this company is a disgrace from the entrance door to the exit door , they will call you to go out and then they will send you back home after 3 or more hours saying there is no load for you today sorry , and they will not pay you but your detention or lay over they will find a excuse not to pay for your time , you will go out on a trip to California and wait for a load going back to Miami for at least 3 days ( i spend a week ) making 50 dollars a day if and only if these days are not weekends MacDonald pays more then that , the trucks they got new but with a lot of DOT violations , but who cares ? Driver will be in trouble and the person in charge at home with their families ,nice ? They will promise you the sky, but if you get a cloud from them please let me know , and if they pay you the money they owe you please let me know even if means suing this company so i can get mine , DOT open your eyes new trucks with incompetent people means nothing , this company put so much stress on a driver that is a shame, its not closed yet by the DOT. The person in charge of the fleet don't know nothing about trucks, i don't know if this will help you he don't hold a cdl drivers license , if you have a front tire jumping , you don't move back the fifth wheel this will cause the front tire to jump more , this was the recommendation the fleet manager gave me , this is some of the crap you will have to deal with this company. Good luck for those who apply there . This is how they rob you , not paying all stops not paying all the boxes and in top of that you will have to wait for 60 days before getting your money back from the escrow account , drivers don't have a supervisor , means only God can help you to get the money they owe you and if God help you, you will have to wait until next check before getting your money, if you get it , tell your landlord he needs to wait for your next check to get his money and see what happens .
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Florida Beauty Express, Inc.

1351 NW 78th Ave.
Miami, FL 33126