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9503 E. 33rd St
Indianapolis, IN 46201


January 07, 2016

by Dave Peck

My Experience was not the greatest

"offering a Job" and "having a job that was offered" are two totally different things at Celadon. I just spent three days and four nights of wasted time at Celadon.Got my physical and passed Orientation with flying colors. The People there are GREAT! Most of them anyway. I was offered a job as a "local" driver so therfore I had to be in the Osborn Division. When I went to get my truck, I was told the nearest Osborn truck was in Alabama. Being in Indianapolis, that didn't sound to local to me so I said I would wait. I was told to go home and would be called when the truck was ready. That was ok with me but I thought it would be wise to go in and let my driver manager know what was going on so he wouldn't think I left them. I went in and Met Kevin. He informed me that he didn't know what they were doing because, "at this time" they were not hiring any "local" drivers! He took my number and said he would find out what's going on and give me a call. I went home but I won't be back. If they force them to hire me in a position that doesn't exist, they won't be happy and I won't be happy and I refuse to work in a hostile work enviroment. I don't need it. Like I said, the experience was both Good and Bad. The Ladies that did the Orientation, the recruiter, and all the personel you come in contact with during your stay are very pleasant and great people to be around.I have been in the trucking industry for 30 years and I have seen both good and Bad and the People of Celadon do rate at the top of the list. The only bad part was the the way the story ended. To all of you that know me and met me, I just wanted you to know what happened and let you know that I wish you all the Best! Keep The Rubber side Down !!!

January 05, 2016

by mark cavanagh


Best company I have ever worked for.With a team of personnel from the planning dept.thru upper management that are always willing to listen and help you in any way they can.. I for one ,if I'm able to...plan to retire from here one day.

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