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August 13, 2020

by Melody Mccoy

The Best Company for Professional Team Drivers!

My husband and I are soo very happy with our decision to come to Boyle. You are treated as a true professional here by all employees. You are treated with respect. Everyone truly listens to you. Help with anything is readily available, and even if you ask stupid questions, you are not treated as if it was a stupid question. We are enjoying our time here, all expectations were clearly and respectfully given and understood in orientation. You are giving everything you need and more to be a safe and knowledgeable driver. We are staying as long as they will keep us. I highly recommend this company.

August 12, 2020

by Kathy Cooper

Professional Truck Driver

I had already had a couple unfavorable experiences with the first company I had worked for. So upon meeting Boyle's Recruiting Manager Laura, I was initially skeptical however I was pleasantly surprised. Everything Laura promised was the absolute truth. She was and continues to give support and encouragement (no matter how many times I call). She sincerely wants us all to succeed at our jobs. The maintenance of the equipment is the best. The owners make it a point to be accessible and personable. They make sure that we have the supplies and information we need to be comfortable over the road and get our jobs done.

August 11, 2020

by Catherine Owen

Truck Driver

We have only been with Boyle about 3 months and we wished we had found this company sooner...we love the work environment. Everyone in the company is willing to help you out and they don’t make you feel bad for asking questions.. you can call them 20 times a day to ask questions and you get the same polite courtesy as if it was your first question. If your looking for a great company with awesome management then Boyle Transportation should be your choice..

August 10, 2020

by Craig Kempkes

Team Driver

Been with Boyle Transportation, for 1 1/2 years. 20 yrs total with cdl. First off, What I was told on the phone and by Recruitment, actually Has Been True! No recuiter or dispatch telling you all the gravy to get hired, only to find out different later. Honestly, transparency and Team work, are actually Present!! I waited for the first six months, waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. No surprises, truck, training, hotels, guaranteed wage and benefits all were out front. No bait and switch here, or told you didn't meet the minimum mileage, times or load numbers for "That bonus!" I chased miles as solo. Up and down paychecks, depending on dispatches moods. Not here! Things are busy, but yet more relaxed. They don't want you running with your tail on fire! Your safety is held to a high standard here. Best company I have worked for!! Staff in the whole company are truly like family. You will notice that right away. I never regreted the switch. Wish I knew about them 20 years ago! Craig K.

August 10, 2020

by Demita Luquer

Professional driver

There’s a reason this company is rated as best fleet to work for because it truly is. Guaranteed pay, Great benefits, home time when you want. Fantastic office personnel who are always there to help in any situation. A company that truly cares about its people! Husband and I enjoy working for Boyle and plan on staying to retirement. Great company for professional drivers who want to make a difference.
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