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Amerifield Inc.

1150 Blue Mound Road West
Fort Worth, TX 76131


November 21, 2019

by Efranson

Ex Driver

Need to give this company -5 rating!! They are still calling me to go to work. Jake, Brandon & yes Brandon are opportunist and don’t give a crap about you. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

October 29, 2019

by MC


Things started out great with this company but not for long. Terrible communication from office staff with the exception of Shana. Not honest with you about escrow accounts. Been waiting for my refunds for over 5 months.

July 19, 2019

by Jeremiah

True Sand Hauler

I don't know about these other cats especially this bill character. I have been a driver for a little over a year now. shana and jake are great people. Dispatch could be a little better but hey what companies couldn't. I get 14-15 loads a week but that's because I haul. some of these cry babies sound like they sit at truck stops and are only available 8:00am to 5:00pm. These reviews don't mean shit. At the end of the day a man is going to work or he's not. I have never had a problem with Amerifield that's one thing I do know.

February 18, 2019

by Bill


This many complaints, there must be something to it. As scetchy as the oil field is these days, we sure don't need any more rip off companies out here screwing drivers that are out here trying to make a living for them selves and their families. If it weren't for the drivers, we wouldn't need the likes of lieing, conniving, low life people like these taking advantage of hard working men and women separated from their families in order to just put a roof over them and feed em. I don't know these people but we all know the type. Be weary and do your homework before hiring on with ANYBODY

September 14, 2018

by E.D Franson

EX Driver

The only good thing I can say regarding Amerifield is they did complete my pay with out issues other than that it is complete chaos and lies. Don't believe me talk to their drivers and contractors. It is impossible to receive the bonuses they offer hauling only 1- 50 mile loads a day and your home time is also at risk and if you don't reach their quota they will not let you go home to your family! The post from Jake is a recruiters view point and not from a driver, he is known for deflecting comments and issues regarding this company back on the drivers he makes his living from!!
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