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November 04, 2020

by Grumpy farmer

Unsatisfied driver

BEWARE!!!! These people are still hiring bc they can't keep drivers. The Shreveport location is a cluster mess. They can't get trucks nor trailers. They have way to many drivers and not enough equipment. You will even be lucky to get your days off as promised. For warning be careful on what you sign up for. Not impressed with shreveport location. They need to make changes if they want to continue growing and stop losing good drivers. STAY AWAY FROM They are a joke and have the worse attitude out there

June 26, 2020

by Rafael Santiago Jr.

Owner operator

Worked for them and left ove 90 days ago and still have not received my last settlement or escrow, even though contract we signed says will receive after 45 days.They are not returning any calls or text, they supposedly have a lawyer taking care of it and you can’t get in contact with him either they are giving everyone the run around. Beware they all lie hands down. You will get screwed. They even have fake reviews on google maps and the just took or blocked all of the negative reviews on there Facebook page at least mine and a few of my buddies that also worked for them! We are all getting screwed by these thieves and liars from recruiting to to payroll just makes you think what the owner is capable of!

June 19, 2020

by Allison Lovaas

Truck driver

This company has continually lied. We are going to have all these wells and have two. They have cut our pay several times being told we were making the same money as west texas. They gave us two days notice they were shutting here and if you want a job you have to go to Louisiana even though they knew way in advance. I have been fired for poor performance which I only did five loads because they hadn't paid me in 2.5 week when I am paid weekly, hell no I'm not working for free. The next day I was re hired because of there lies of telling my husband and I we had no time clock anymore if we just run a paper log. I'm not loosing my cdl for a junk company. They also fires him for hours of service when he had text message we had none any more. Do not go to them if you want to run legal their def deletes are the first illegal problem you will run into then lies after that. Please find you a reputable company as we have, so you can receive your pay and keep your license.

May 14, 2020

by Shaun

Owner Operator

It should be -0 to 0 Star Rating added.. All drivers go somewhere else for a real job!!! Owner ops you put 4 week in hole before you get paid. When you quit they hold 3-weeks of your check for 4-6 weeks. Company drivers dont do that ShTTY lease for a 12k-15k dollar junky truck from a auction. They expect you to pay $650-$850 a week with no Work. No training, No guidance, No Structure, & No Pay Settlements. Yes Shana, Jacklyn,Matt,& Nicole are cool!!

April 02, 2020

by Mike


Been with this company 2 years. Worked in almost every aspect of this company from dispatch, ops, helped where i could in billing/payroll and even behind the scenes analyzing and processing data. There is so much care, and attention to detail. Everyone pitches in and helps here. Our drivers are so important to us. I have never seen a driver not get paid. Yes, there have been issues that have come up but like every company around the planet, we use them to grow and fix the issues so we are a better company the next day. Communication is open here, support is strong here, and ALL Amerifield employees, owners ops, drivers are just one big family pushing forward to make our lives and the company the best it can be. First job ever, that I look forward to coming to work everyday, and none of us mind working late hours to help a driver out. #Ameristrong #Amerifamily #Amerifield2020
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