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January 1, 1970


By Bill
This many complaints, there must be something to it. As scetchy as the oil field is these days, we sure don't need any more rip off companies out here screwing drivers that are out here trying to make a living for them selves and their families. If it weren't for the drivers, we wouldn't need the likes of lieing, conniving, low life people like these taking advantage of hard working men and women separated from their families in order to just put a roof over them and feed em. I don't know these people but we all know the type. Be weary and do your homework before hiring on with ANYBODY
January 1, 1970

EX Driver

By E.D Franson
The only good thing I can say regarding Amerifield is they did complete my pay with out issues other than that it is complete chaos and lies. Don't believe me talk to their drivers and contractors. It is impossible to receive the bonuses they offer hauling only 1- 50 mile loads a day and your home time is also at risk and if you don't reach their quota they will not let you go home to your family! The post from Jake is a recruiters view point and not from a driver, he is known for deflecting comments and issues regarding this company back on the drivers he makes his living from!!
January 1, 1970

Run from the racists

This company discriminated against blacks and women. They pretend it don’t exist but if you don’t convict the wrong you condone it.
January 1, 1970

Company driver

By John Entrekin
Amerifield. There like a big family and always true to there word . I have been there over a year. They been best company I ever worked for. The owner is great guy Brandon all way down thru operations manager Kessler to Hiring guy Jake Ard. AlwAYS BEEN there. There just like family. If you Wana make good money settlements always on point. Come work for Amerifield. Jake just drove down here where we are on staging pad in this heat . Brought us t shirts food for all us drivers gatorade. That don't hapoen every where you work . All these guys is there on other end if you got problem or need something. It' be done. You taken care of At Amerifield. I can't say enuff good things bout my Amerifield family . Brad . Shana Adrianne Mandi. Matt. Briana..that's just few. Im proud be apart of Amerifield family. Equipment top of line trucks trailers . Amerifield top of line top shelf company.
January 1, 1970


By Jake
I’ve worked for this company since practically day one. I’ve been the one recruiting since day one. Amerifield inc is a great company and yes I know I’m the guy your all saying lies. But I know for a fact some people who have written these reviews have come back and are working again....why is that well let’s ask ourselves how do you run a company of 160 trucks with only 22 company trucks and not be just that GOOD. Hell we are the best and our drivers know that. Yes we have our pains like most but we are by far a great company. No one has ever not been paid in the company ... no one. Every believes in something uncommon without a driver we are nothing. So if you want to judge on a review why not judge it in person. Come to the office and meets us.
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