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June 12, 2018


By Jake
I’ve worked for this company since practically day one. I’ve been the one recruiting since day one. Amerifield inc is a great company and yes I know I’m the guy your all saying lies. But I know for a fact some people who have written these reviews have come back and are working again....why is that well let’s ask ourselves how do you run a company of 160 trucks with only 22 company trucks and not be just that GOOD. Hell we are the best and our drivers know that. Yes we have our pains like most but we are by far a great company. No one has ever not been paid in the company ... no one. Every believes in something uncommon without a driver we are nothing. So if you want to judge on a review why not judge it in person. Come to the office and meets us.
June 4, 2018


By Jim
Amerifield is a great company to work for they have been great to me. If I need anything no matter what it is they are always there to help. Been with them for a while now and things keep getting better and better. Very happy that I came to work with them.
June 4, 2018

Owner with an opinion

By randy
Ive been here since November of 2017 and I currently have three trucks on the fleet. Yes with any company they have there issues and growing pains but overall I'm happy. I get paid on time which in this industry is difficult to come by. I don't know about these other drivers but as an owner I have done well here. even out in the field I here people complain but I just stay on top of them like we all should and its worked out for the best.
May 27, 2018

These people are horrible stay away.

By Jared
I’m being 100 percent honest here, I just quit this company today. When I was going through orientation, I payed the hotel bill. Other than that it was ok, until u find out everything they said was a lie, and the money they said you would make, not even close. I had one good week here the rest, I sat. You will be lied to here, and your going to have your money thrown out the window, and you won’t make enough to go home. It’s the truth.
May 27, 2018

This is a sketchy company

By My name if u have questions just email me
everybody but the driver is getting payed here, the truck I had had 900,000 miles and I was constantly working on it. For free. If you want a life out side of the truck this is the wrong place for you. They lie about how much your going to make, and then your out there and can’t afford to go home... owner ops Don’t invest your time here.. there is nothing worse than giving your all for someone just to find out there scammers, and they wasted your time, and have nothing to show. It’s a cancer on the truck industry. Do u want a tumor on your nuts. That’s what it’s like.
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