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June 25, 2023

by Richard

They were BAD,HORRIBLE,stay AWAY

BAD communication or NO communication. MANY paychecks were WRONG & when it was wrong, they shorted me ! They shorted me Detention pay or Local pay or Layover pay . Worked there 1.5 yrs, but if you stay there less than 3 mos, they’ll charge you for your hotel room & your rental car or your airfare to Orientation. Raises are nearly non- existent. Got a 1 CPM raise in nearly 1.5 yrs & the Salaried Drvrs got NO raise at all. This from the owners that own R&L Carriers & the Ocala Equestrian Park. They had the $$ to buy hundreds of acres, they built hotels, arenas , 2000 concrete horse stalls in a climate controlled environment, a future water park, many houses, etc, etc & I got a 1CPM raise after nearly 1.5 yrs after the cost of living had gone up DRAMATICALLY ! They had Shippers that would give u lds HRS LATE & I’d call Dispatch to inform them & to inform the Rcvr that I would be late. I’d get to Rcvrs & they would reject me because the info was never communicated to them ! No communication ! The trlrs that you would pick up or were brought to me were DIRTY, debris filled, messy, & disgusting. I would have to clean them because every Shipper wants a clean trlr to ld their goods in. So, get ready to clean a lot of trlrs ! I complained about many of them to Dispatch, but nothing ever changed ! Bad communication ! The R& L yd in Atlanta was a disaster. They had trlrs in front of trlrs& full yds as Drvrs & yd trks would speed around that yd, it was dangerous ! If I picked up a ld there, it would always be late, several hrs late ! Lots of waiting ! Abco was a disaster !! Go OTR , make more $$, get home more, get pd Holidays, get much bigger bonuses & u won’t have to clean as much debris & you won’t hv to clean as many trlrs !

January 19, 2021



I love this company. They are very respectful and make sure you are taken care of

December 20, 2019

by levi

I am a veteran driver and I like it here

Everyone in the office is nice. I have been with abco goin on almost 2 years. i really like it here. you are treated with respect. every company has something that they need to work on but for the most part i see myself retiring here. i found a company to call home.

November 05, 2019

by Matthew C

know me by name

This is a great company. In the 6 months I have been here they have provided me with consistent miles and respect. It’s a smaller outfit and they know you by name.

October 09, 2019

by Art

driver friendly culture

My name is Art . I began Driving in 1995. I have only driven for three companies. In the past ten years there have been two companies. ABCO Transportation far exceeds the other two companies. The thing that makes ABCO different from anyone else, is their treatment of their drivers. The word that comes to mind, is “respect.” Many trucking companies turn the wheels and deliver freight, but not many truly respect their drivers. I can make a statement like that because the last four years of my ABCO tenure have been in safety and recruiting. The operations manager at ABCO Transportation sets the example for the “driver friendly” culture that exists at ABCO Transportation.
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