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Time to Get Physical With a Flatbed Driver Job

Typically, “flatbedders” are among the toughest in the industry because flatbed driver jobs can get a bit physically demanding but at the same time, are the most rewarding. Depending on the cargo you are hauling, there are some tedious tasks you should keep in mind before you apply for flatbed driving jobs. For instance, you might need to use heavy chains, straps, or tarps to hold down your load. Be precautious of the specific DOT rules and regulations that govern the methods commonly used to lock down your cargo. On few occasions, you may be asked to haul hazardous materials but the increased pay for such deliveries usually outweigh the extra work and risk. Despite the physical demands of flatbed truck-driving jobs, there are many rewarding benefits like:

  • Flexible schedules
  • Lower height than standard trucks
  • Drivers don’t unload their cargo by hand
  • Generous pay

Things to Consider

Flatbed driver jobs are more physically demanding than other freight types. Keep in mind that as a flatbed truck driver, you may be required to have more specialized training for handling and securing large loads. The security of the load and safety of others on the road come down to the driver of the flatbed, so make sure you embody the proper qualifications.

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