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TA Wapakoneta

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1775 Bellefontaine St.
Wapakoneta, OH 45895


Parking 120
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 5


September 14, 2014

by Andrew Hunt

This place has potential. They label themselves as the first interstate truck stop but it's quite run down. If they fixed it up and added memorabilia and keep the old look but tidy it up, would be a great place. As others below say, the food is great, the people are friendly, and the prices are fair. Parking is easy but limited.

June 22, 2014

by Laurence Meth

WARNING---BAD SHOP HERE IN WAPAKONETA, OH Had this single wide recap put on 5 days ago here at this T/A in Wapakoneta, OH. It was my only option as they did not have a virgin tire or a good used tire. I was broke down 3.2 miles away on Hwy 33. Took them 4 hrs, 3 techs and 2 different service trucks to get it done. Ridiculous right? I had a spare that was bit in good shape but it would hold air. (Isnt that why we carry these as spares?) Well the tech tore the bead on my spare while mounting it. So they gave me $50 off the cost of the recap. I wasn't too happy. But, I didn't have another choice. Total cost was $773. $500 for the recap and the rest was labor. 2 days later. The cap came off in Belmont, OH on I-70 under load to Maryland. The T/A out of Valley Grove, WV took care of the repair with a virgin tire. But, because the Wapakoneta T/A is a franchise they couldn't do it under warranty! I was told that the Wapakoneta shop required me to return the carcass to them in order to get the cost of the tire refunded. They would not warranty the labor either way! I will say that the general workers here are great. Its the management that is lacking professionalism and morals. Do not patronize this place if you want to be treated fairly.

October 05, 2014

by Bob Mckinley

Told they could get a trailer tire replaced in an hour went and talked to shop after not hearing anything two hours later and that was when I was told it would be another two hours before they could replace a tire. Not a road call I was in the lot ready to pull in. I heard the same old corp bullshit story about being short handed. Here's a big hint HIRE SOME ONE

July 20, 2014

by Russell Harbach

Food is ok. Service is okay. Just a run down TA.

January 29, 2013

by TigerPaw kat

We love this place! Staff are great. Bathrooms clean AND THE CALI BURRITO IS AWESOME!!! Staff said its good we must try, so we did! Large portions for a great price! Even tho its small its one.of tge best truck stops we hav been to. This place is like a mom n pop place just great!!!
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