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TA Paulsboro

6 Reviews
171 Berkley Rd.
Paulsboro, NJ 08066


Parking 175
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 12
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 8
Laundry 1


February 17, 2014

by Brian Sell

The employees are trying. Like some said it's an older TA they are scheduled for remodeling the spring. I know because I asked about the heater sitting in the middle of the restaurant, which was quite loud, but better than being cold. They do have a TV room. If you're familiar with older TA's then you know about the stairs behind the store counter going upstairs to the laundry room and some of the showers at the top of the stairs turn right, at this particular TA. Water was a little cool in the shower . The washers and dryers actually worked surprisingly well, but there is only three of each. There is a laundromat across the street and strip mall. Parking was adequate I guess but then again I don't think we have any where near enough truck parking spaces in this country.

June 25, 2014

by Todd Lowery

The service here is top notch! Had a trailer combination valve go out and they got right to it. Great job TA!

September 29, 2013

by mike keating

I just can't believe the horrible service at the restaurant... I can't really blame my waitress cuz she was doing the other waitresses job as she was too busy trying to find a place to charge her phone. I mean please people you get a break mess with your phone then. I can't complain about the food I ate... but I will complain about the veggies and fruit I didn't get to eat... IF THE CUCUMBERS AND CANTALOUPE ARE SEE-THRU AND SLIMEY THEY ARE BAD! As for the service I think people in general just don't know how to treat other people. Well 5mos. Later I see the service is still nonexistent... I must say the cucumbers were really fresh wow! But for service I give a big thimbs down. There was only like 3 people in the whole place and I still had to wait for a drink refill... ill be back next time to see if its time to erase this post....

February 10, 2013

by Justin Trombley

Nice place to stop. Free parking and plenty of it. Friendly, helpful staff. The water in the showers could be a little warmer, and the cold drink selection is pretty slim but those are my only gripes. Brothers Pizza across the street is awesome and they deliver right to your truck!

October 07, 2014

by Jonathan Stockton

Very nasty place very disrespectful employee's on the good note plenty of truck parking
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