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TA Sawyer

6 Reviews
6100 Sawyer Road
Sawyer, MI 49125


Parking 140
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 12
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 9
Laundry 1


September 21, 2014

by Robert Winskas

No truck stops here! More concerned about the motoring public at this glorified gas station.

April 21, 2014


Every professional staff and great service in the tire repair department. Great for Truck Drivers. Kudos to the mechanic manager. :)

June 15, 2014

by Roscoe Green

Staff is great ,parking is ok but my only problem is why is the back door to the kitchen is open , so I go inside damn flies everywhere , this place is not for me.

May 09, 2014

by Chris Corbitt

Very displeased with the service at county pride waited 40 minutes for food with only 3 other people in the place then the only time I saw the server again was when she brought the over priced bill I will not be wasting my time here again

August 13, 2012

by Ryan Rubley

Worst gas station I've ever been to. Pump says "Slide card or press pay inside" like you expect from buying gas a thousand times before at any other place in the country. So I slide my card and it just changes to "Please slide card". I try several times, and it doesn't change. I try to see if I can just pump and pay inside afterward, but it won't start. After waiting 10+ minutes in line, they tell me all pumps are pre-pay only. Apparently, their definition of pre-pay doesn't include pay at the pump, so I have to guess a dollar amount and hope it fills my tank. I go back outside and now the pump says to begin fueling, but the handle on the pump does nothing. After going back inside, waiting in a line a 2nd time, they fix it, and I can go get my gas. On my way out I hear some stranger talking to another stranger about not being able to pump gas either. No wonder this place looks like a super stop with lines waiting for the pumps, everybody else is wasting 20 extra minutes to fill up just like me! Finally I get my gas, but then I have to go back inside a THIRD time and wait in line to get a "final" receipt for the actual amount pumped, because the pumps apparently can't give receipts. What a huge hassle!
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