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Sapp Bros Travel Center

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1913 Lacy Drive
Junction City, KS 66441


Weigh Scale 1
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump 1
WiFi 1
Showers 5
Laundry 1


September 17, 2019

by Debra L.

I just purchased a $60,000 Toyota Sienna Limited Edition Minivan 1 month prior to taking it through this carwash. As normal the attendant washed the vehicle down in the back prior to going through. Everything was fine until I began to hear a lot of thumping and banging noises towards the end of the wash. I just thought at first that it was just how that particular area sounded. Once out of the carwash not even 5 steps from the end, I got out of my vehicle and my complete rear bumper was ripped completely off the back of my van. I freaked out and the attendant came out and around and just like me he was completely shocked at what happened. I pulled over to vacuum area and was just mad as, well. All of a sudden the manager came out and by that time I had already called the police to at least make a incident report for my insurance company. So the police arrive and myself, the attendant and the manager were all talking. In front of the police officer, the attendant who washed down my vehicle in the beginning says " her car was not like this when she came through" and I'm looking like I know that my car wasn't like this, it's only a month old. And then the manager, again in front of the police officer says " it's no problem we will take care of her car and get it fixed and make things right". So the officer gives me a incident report number and the manager gives me his card saying don't worry about it, we are going to fix your vehicle and take care of you. Then I ask for his insurance information and he refuses to give it to me saying " I will just pay for the damages out of pocket because my deductible is like $5,000 or something. I'm looking at him like wait a minute something doesn't sound right. Long story short his insurance company Federated Insurance in Olathe KS tells me that the manager should not have told me that it was their fault and says he told them that he said if he reviews everything and finds that they were at fault that they would pay for everything. I'm thinking out loud like do you realize that the manager admitted guilt in front of a police officer and also said that he was going to fix my vehicle and make things right. I explained to the gentleman at Federated Insurance that they were in fact going to pay for my car and that the manager blatantly expressed guilt of the damages in front of a police officer. Now I'm in a battle with the insurance company regarding paying diminished value of my van because now my van has a accident report on it and that in fact now lowers the value of my van. Oh, and to make things worse, the manager was like we have never had something like this happen before. Well that was a lie cause I found out through a good source that they had several vehicles in repair shops for damages similar to mine. Okay, now who's lying about what? Help me get the word out that if you go here to have your vehicle washed and it gets damaged they are not going to pay to to fix it. And I recommend recording your conversation with them from beginning to end to cover your end.
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