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TA Baldwin

(904) 266-4281
1024 US 301 South
Jacksonville, FL 32234


Parking 90
Weigh Scale 1
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash 1
RV Dump
Showers 6
Laundry 1

7 reviews about this truckstop

July 27, 2014
   Pathetic service. No parking. Filthy bathrooms. No inventory. How u sell hot dogs with no bread. Wtf. Someone should bulldoze the whole place
June 23, 2014
   I only went to the restaurant but the service was excellent as was the food. My waitress Naomi always made sure I had a full soda and promptly brought all the extras I asked for when I wanted them. I would recommend eating here to anyone. Parking lot and bathrooms could use some cleaning and deodorizing... both smell heavily of urine
June 28, 2014
   Sherry behind the fuel desk saved this store for me. Parking is little to none as the lot is very small. The store is small with limited selection. Game room only has slot machines. Had to pay $14 to park since one whole side is reserved. If it wasn't for sherry I would have rated it 1 star.
May 27, 2014
   Resturaunt management keeps trying to give me french fries when all I want is the all you can eat fish! Two prices of fish and then a 15 minute wait in between 1 peice servings? Ill never order it again. Place is dirty and my waitress has been gone for 17 minutes now... Waiting for a fourth piece of fish.
October 04, 2014
   Was going to stop there to swap trailers with a coworker is there anywhere else in the area I can go. Not looking forward to smelling the pee pee parking lot
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