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TA Wheat Ridge

5 Reviews
12151 West 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


Parking 163
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 8
Truck Wash 1
RV Dump 1
Showers 7
Laundry 1


September 08, 2014

by Russell Duvall

Hell no. Won't fuel at a TA or a Petro again until they stop waking drivers up and make them move if they are in the parking lot next to the truck entrance. Where the cars park. We were there in that lot. Because there was no other parking spots available at the time we drove our bobtail truck around the truck parking lot. So we parked out of the way. In the front with all the other bobtail trucks. And about 9 expiditor trucks fedex. All the bobtail trucks got woke up at 0500 and we're told to move. In which I did, but at 1100 I then moved to the bobtail parking area next to the fuel island. And we got our stuff ready for a shower and food. And noticed that all the expiditor trucks were still there. Talk to the manager and she said we allow them to park there but not bobtail trucks that pull a 53 foot trailer. And she also said there was a section around back at the edge of the parking lot that was a dirt lot we could use.. Then why cant the expiditors park there also along with us. Ain't that some B.S. discrimination. Sounds like a law suite to me. Wake one group and not the other group which is better than you are. HELLO LAWYER.... I won't fuel at any of their truck stops until they fix this problem. Don't allow any of these trucks there or both expiditor trucks and bobtail trucks can use this area as an overflow parking after the truck stalls are occupied with truck n trailers. And there is no where else to park... Love's n Pilot Flying J will get my business. I had to put 1 star to put this information about this t AA truck stop. But they deserve a negative 5 in my opinion. This decision of mine is a matter of principal. And respect. ......

August 17, 2014

by James Fladung

I wont be coming back here for any repairs! I checked in at noon for a alignment, was told 3 hours. At the 3 hour mark im then told another 2-3 hours, then I get a call at 5hours, I thwn drive to the shop to find they filled my spot with someone else, qhen I ask for a manager a guy comes up and tells me to wait longer in door 4, I then pulled to the door I was told only to find another 1-2hour wait there? If this is how I ran my business I wouldn't have any repeat customers.....I guess they wont either

September 14, 2014

by Terrell Wakefield

Heyyyyy I'm not fat lazy smoke or stupid. Piece of shit. Lol

June 29, 2014

by Brian Owens

Travel store and parking is okay, but don't bother with the WiFi. 0.40 Mbps d/l, 0.18 Mbps u/l. Plus you can't get any signal in the drivers lounge, which means either idle your engine outside, or try and take a booth in the restaurant.

April 29, 2014

by Jerry lee

The so call security guard is a ahole. He picks random trks in the middle of the night to bang on their door , for you to move your trk. While there are others thats illegaly parked he never says anything to