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Petro Jackson

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970 I-20 W. Frontage Road
Jackson, MS 39201


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Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
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September 14, 2014

by Matthew MacWilliams

Order a Rib-eye steak, it was over cooked, meat was old, it tasted badly. The salad bar wasn't kept at the right temperature. I told the waitress I didn't want it and she took it and walked away. Didn't even ask if I wanted anything else. She was talking to a guy at checkout, and she just never came back around. Finally 15 minutes later asked if I was done or wanted something else, I ended up ordering something that didn't come with the salad bar and was charged extra for it. I thought I getting myself to a decent birthday dinner, but got a headache instead. TA/Petro seem to be declining in the the gulf coast. All the staff seem to treat you as a chore instead of a paying customer.

September 09, 2014

by Terry Hershberger

I was thier and was treated very predadicial i went to the service counter. In the shop and the assit genral manager. At nite was waiting on others. Of his. Ethic. Background first made me pissed i been. Coming to petro for some. Thirty years this was very unprofessional. Thanks for. Other petros. Signed terry h.

March 21, 2013

by Jim Underwood

I was struck here for the Labor day weekend, and wish I had gone elsewhere. I ate at the restaurant three times, and walked out the fourth. The three times I did eat there I ordered off the menu, nothing on the buffet looked even remotely edible. The food I got off the menu wasn't much better. The fourth time I went for breakfast, walked back to the dining room which they said was closed, there was a seating up front at the counter, or the few booths in that area. Well, I'm not sitting at a counter, and the two booths available were partially blocked off, and but available because the ceiling had gotten wet above them and had fallen down. The ceiling material was still on the floor. I actually sat down for about a minute, then looked up at the ceiling and decided that there had to be a better place to eat than this. So I went to the store area, thinking I'll at least get a cup of coffee, and the creamer dispenser is empty. So I ask the counter person to refill it, and she just says " we out", and turned back to talk to the other counter person. Now Petro management, can you come up with any reason why I should come back here? I have been an over the road trucker for thirty years, and Petros used to be among the best truck stops out there. But there has been a steady decline in the quality of the food, the attitude of the employees and management, and the condition of the facilities. So the quick answer,,,,, no, there is no point in returning here.

July 31, 2014

by Sebastian N Y C

Only because the entrance it's shaking the truck very bad

December 31, 2012

by Maureen O'Connor

I was unfortunate to have to stop here twice in four days. So glad a truckstop truly knows how to take advantage of their "captivated audience". Restaurant staff attitude leaves much to be desired, as does the food. Cold or lukewarm buffet food, and old. This is the last time I will ever eat at the Iron Skillet buffet, nothing but a waste of money. Extremely disappointing.