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Petro Oak Grove

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301 SW First Street
Oak Grove, MO 64075


Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump


November 17, 2014

by Christopher Kruse

I came into the Petro shop for a quarterly inspection (not a full DOT) and added a PM on tractor and trailer. I didn't mind waiting for two hours as I needed this done to receive my next dispatch. As they pulled me in, we realized that my trailer too low be pulled over the pit. Not a big deal, I would just cancel the PM and stick with the inspections in a flat bay. They then informed me that they aren't able to do inspections on the trailer if they couldn't pull it over a pit! I'm not a small guy and I was just under the trailer the other day, so I know it can be done, they just didn't want to do it. I'll not be coming back here for any services (including fuel) and I will ask my company to no longer use them for inspections. What a waste of time!

September 21, 2014

by Lisa Becker

Wifi is free and reaches into the far corners of the parking lot. .. which is massive! This place is part of the Iowa 80 group which are some if the best and most customer-friendly truck stops in the country. Thumbs up!

June 30, 2013

by Laura Tilton

After spending 400 on a mobile service in SLC problem with lights still not fixed. Pulled into Petro shop and mechanic took care of all the issues was very knowledgeable. Kept me updated on progress and fixed the problem. Great service friendly shop staff. They have my business from now on.

January 24, 2012

by RVingFT Candace

Nice stop, nice shops, decent food. Good smaller version of its big brother Iowa_80. EZ access for trucks and RVs. Much better wash than the streakin beacon across the road.

July 03, 2013

by Jeff Rich

Great showers, food choice, nice store. Defiantly great place.