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Petro Kingdom City

6 Reviews
3304 Gold Road
Kingdom City, MO 65262


Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump


September 10, 2014

by harry ford

Even though I wasn't there for that...this place has a movie theater and a drivers lounge. I didn't experience any rudeness from anyone, and I had a good double bacon cheese burger. For first impressions...It was nice. ****

March 03, 2014

by jason cole

I normally love this place. Yesterday was a nightmare first off (Jusitn) quoted me the wrong price for a product in which i was then charged additional fees by(Heather) at the fuel desk. Then (Heather) seem to have one heck of a time getting my efs check verified when i called it went through the first time right in front of her on speaker phone.Also she nor her fellow employees had no problem smoking indoors when i mentioned at least crack the door which wasn't she and her fellow employees just blew it it off, mind you i don't smoke and the smoke bothers my breathing tremendously. I hope that someone reads these reviews and corrects these minor issues that are easily resolvable if the young man handling food without gloves and being the fuel guy as well as smoking indoors if that is too much responsibility to do things right i will just avoid your establishment. ThankYou

September 26, 2014

by Hussein Assaf

Great food, great staff

January 16, 2014

by mike keating

Your prices are ridiculous... a pair of gloves I used to buy all the time (because the just dont last) are now 8.99 they are 2.66 from the manufacturer... all you truck stops are just a ripoff.

April 14, 2013

by Andrew Reynolds

Good food at the skillet. Movie theater. drivers lounge. Clean showers. Good diesel
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