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Petro W. Memphis/Jerry Fritts Jr. West Memphis Stopping Center

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3900 Petro Rd
West Memphis, AR 72301


Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump


June 27, 2014

by Virginia Zurawski

Stopped for a quick breakfast and being a truck driver, my husband and I were on a time limit. Our waitress was a little on the snippy side but when we placed our order, God forbid we bother her at all! First of all, I asked for a hot tea - she told me the hot water dispenser was out of order. So she couldn't microwave a cup of water for tea?? We only ordered an english muffin and the oatmeal breakfast. It took 20 minutes just to get this! When I attempted to look for the waitress to ask what was taking so long, she finally came with the food and had an attitude - "you looking for me? I have to get your plates ready". The muffin was burnt but the oatmeal breakfast was fine. I'm sure there are other truckers who need to keep a track of time with their work and this is just not the place to stop if you're in a hurry and hungry. We also did not appreciate the attitude. Name on the receipt was not very legible so it was either Passlonea or Nafeesah. Get rid of her!

August 17, 2014

by Craig Day

The restaurant needs a good dusting. Layers of dust on the partitions and window seals. Food good. Always a place to park. I take back anything good I said about this place. Worst shop ever if you need something fixed go somewhere else. 11 hours just to get an oil filter change. Nit to mention they lost my ticket good thing I checked to see where I was in line.

May 20, 2014

by Kristy Perry

The safest and cleanest place to park in West Memphis. It's worth the pay to park fee to not have trash blowing all over the place and "working women" knocking on your doors at all hours of the night like at all the other truck stops in West Memphis. Bathrooms/shower rooms are the older Petro style and could use updating or a good deep cleaning though.

February 03, 2013

by Jeff Lanthripp

Surly staff who truly seem to hate their customers, their jobs and life itself. Men's room is incredibly disgusting and should be designated a Superfund site. Criminals and panhandlers galore in the parking lot, which is a pay lot. One of the worst truck stops in the United States.

September 19, 2013

by Robin Dominick

Had a nice waitress for once! Janelle I think? great turnip greens and amazing fried pork loin