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Sapp Bros Travel Center

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3432 South Lincoln Avenue
York, NE 68467


Weigh Scale 1
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash 1
RV Dump 1
WiFi 1
Showers 4
Laundry 1


September 30, 2014

by Matt Mahnn

GOT SCAMMED. $50 in gas for only 2 gallons. DO NOT USE THE OUT DOOR PAY AT THE PUMP!! Pay cash or DON'T Shop here at all!!, Had to call the credit card company to resolve this issue. the gas quality is good, the Gift shop has Great selection, Good ice cream, Subway inside, along with nice selection on with great trucking supplies BUT BE WARNED! The staff here did treat us very well last week, while we were taking our truck through here for fueling up. I was happy that someone came out and assited us when needed. I must say that Sapp has been here a very long time. They do have a very large variety of trucking supplies and accessories.

September 26, 2013

by Brandon Nisly

It's a great job

September 13, 2009

by A Google User

We were in your store around midnight on 9/12/2009, maybe a little after. The woman that was working was very rude and obnoxious. Not only that, but my bill was $4.93,I gave her $5.00 and she didn't even get the change right! There is more, but I'm not much on the keyboard.

May 20, 2011

by Tony Pavoni

April 11, 2011

by A Google User