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Pilot Travel Center

(305) 883-1004
12200 NW South River Drive
Miami, FL 33178


Parking 65
Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes 6
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 3

5 reviews about this truckstop

August 22, 2014
   DONT ENTER GATE, WACH FOR 15 $$$$ CHARGE, They charge me 15 dollars just for 3 minutes, just to me to drop my bills into trip pack box, cashier was very inpolite, i try to explain gate was open, so i got in, but she said I DONT CARE, NEVER COME TO THIS PLACE AGAIN
November 16, 2014
   holy piece of crap batman- parkings horrible- store is horrible- employees feel like we should be honored that they even showed up for work- go somewhere else!!! so went in to refill my mug- sign says $1.29 cold refill- so up to pay and the clerk rings me up for almost 4 bucks because my mug is "big". i say sign says 1.29 im paying 1.29- so he calls the cops..... cops show up- they see the sign they talk to the clerk- i end up paying 1.29 and the cop tells me that there going to change the sign- i say dont matter im never comming back and the clerk laughs and tells me that theres thousands of trucks that go threw there and he doesnt need me. 11/16/14 at about 10am awesome customer service :)
May 31, 2014
   Well it had diesel, aannndddd that's about the best thing. If you can just get out of the Miami area and find a different truck stop. None of the truck stops in Miami are top shelf. Gas and go.
February 25, 2014
   worst pilot ever 15$ for the night, showers is discusting if you want a beter way to fill fresh take a gallon of windshield washer. it's a shame to have a pilot sign on this shit
November 25, 2013
   Not a bad place. Pilot fuel only. Staff is friendly. Food is decent. Avoid the spaghetti!!! but its not an actual pilot so don't set your expectations high. but its an ok truck stop for Miami. Just not the greatest