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Flying J

7 Reviews
15100 North Thornton Road
Lodi, CA 95242


Parking 187
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 13
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 15


September 17, 2019

by Truckers ex-Wife

Terrible Lot Lizard Problem!! Husband Caught Lot Lizard named Lalonnie stealing. I found her number she put In what is now ex-husbands phone. Be Careful Out There

September 17, 2019

by Love.Not.Lust

The two women working when I went in were literally the rudest people i have ever experienced at flying j, or any where for that matter!! The two women that were working at like 12am-1am Tuesday Feb 6Th, have the ugliest attitudes for no reason at all! I came in through the door where Denny's is an my friend was getting food so I walked in the store (i only had my keys with a key chain wallet attached that I held in my hands the hole time) I looked around the store for a min and walked back towards Denny's where the bathroom is an there's a lottery scratcher machine right there by the door. I took $3 out of my wallet and put in $1 and it did nothing but make a clicking noise. It says on the machine to see clerk for assistance or something like that, so I walk up to the women who was working the register but she was by the candy, I told her I put a dollar in and before I was done she quickly cut me off and snapped back saying "it's full!" I replied back with "I put $1 in" her-"it took ur dollar? " me-"yes", she goes to the other women working which i believed to be the manager and tells her and she says "I'm gonna check the camera", am walks off. Then the other girl just walks off an didn't say anything to me. So I'm just standing there waiting as register girl just ignores me and the manager hasn't walked back out yet, about ten mins go by then she walks back out pushing a cart of stuff an continues on walking ignoring me, so I go up to her an ask "so were you going to be able to help me with that? " and so rudely with a condescending tone she says "no we aren't! I checked the camera an you didn't walk over there at all! You walked over here an that's it, I know you never walked to that machine so your gonna have to leave!" I said "really? What do you mean, I came in that way an walked back over there, I been standing there the hole time" I said "wow it's just a dollar it's not a huge deal but maybe u should put a sign if you know it's not working". Yes It was only a dollar that wasn't my point, I didn't even care but the way they were acting like I was trying to scam for a dollar when I had money in wallet! And then straight lie about me not being on camera. They had a terrible attitude and I wish I could express it but I can't on here. But I will never spend one single dollar there again and it's because of the two women working at 1230am Tuesday Feb. 6Th 2018! As if the situation wasn't rude, the attitude from both of them would have been enough to make me say the same thing about never going there again! I'll keep my dollar next time, an all the rest of my money!
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