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Sapp Bros

4 Reviews
12500 I-80 Service Road
Cheyenne, WY 82009


Weigh Scale
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump
WiFi 1
Showers 12
Laundry 1


November 17, 2014

by Petah Jay ST

Not even sure where to start regarding their service department. This place only has about 2 mechanics who actually KNOW and then also CARE about what they are doing...far too few in what is a fairly large operation. Want a tire replaced? Or a cheap oil change? THIS is your place! BUT...If you need a REAL repair, your chances of getting a good mechanic would pretty much be like playing the lottery. Additionally, and to the pain of your wallet....there is almost ZERO chance that they will complete the repair in a reasonable amount of time and NEVER when they tell you. They seem have no grasp whatsoever of the fact that your truck isn't earning money while it's sitting parked in their back lot...and, honestly, do not seem to care beyond lip service. They don't order parts when they say...and what ever they "fix" will have to pull your truck back out of service to "fix" it again. One of our trucks has been in their shop for a total downtime of 4+ weeks on 4 attempts to fix the SAME issue...and STILL is not fixed correctly! Tires and oil ONLY here folks...but don't forget to leave extra time...they will need it.

August 15, 2014

by Erich Scharf

A decent amount of parking, although the lot has seen better days, rather full of pot holes and the like. Ample fuel island, showers are next door in the motel and were pretty clean($12). But my biggest issue, what kind of truck stop is out of coffee at 6:45 am? So I kindly informed the desk clerk when I was checking out that they were out and I just got an 'oh, ok' which is not typical of a Sapp Bros. employee. Generally speaking, a decent truck stop, and conveniently placed just off i80 one exit west of the port of entry.

December 05, 2013

by Kal Ban

September 17, 2019

by gary

if you have a reefer problem don't go here. All these people care about is how much money they can get out of you. They might as well have a gun and wear a mask to rob you. I will never go here again.